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Trunk Door remains open

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Hi, my first post on official Tesla forums.
Have a problem with trunk door. I can open it but once open I cannot close it.
I am not able to close it if I use the trunk button (electric trunk) or button on the Model S internal display.

It is possible to close “manually” pulling down the trunk door.
I booked a call and I hope Tesla Rangers can solve the problem.

Has anyone had same problem ?


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    Yes. You can close it manually.
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    After an unknown (to me) amount of time of being open the only way to close it is to pull it down manually.
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    You might try holding the button down on the trunk lid when it is already open, after a few seconds you’ll get a long beep which means that you have set it to open to that height each time. Maybe that will help?

    I’m guessing that function is there so you can have your trunk open to a height that doesn’t hit something above it in your garage, which isn’t an issue you’re having but it’s free and only takes a sec so why not try it :) ?
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    I had that problem, but it came and went, and it wasn't reproducible when I tried at the service center. One day, maybe coincidence or not, the trunk would not open at all, but the car reported that the trunk was open. They had to replace the actuator, I think.
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    Thanks to all of you for precious replies. Regarding holding the button I tried that way with no results. And one more thing that I have seen in these couple days is that it is not happening when car is cold. I mean late at evening/night or early in the morning. So probably actuator could be the solution. Wondering is a Tesla Ranger can solve. I have a couple of rangers in my area, so hope there is no needing to go to service center.
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    I had that problem when they replaced the struts. They calibrated them and all was fine since then.
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    I noticed the issue tended to happen on hot days
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    Pasolosam, first, welcome to the group.

    Second, learn and live the following. When in doubt, reboot. Most glitches/odd behaviors can be sorted out via a simply reboot. Press the scroll wheels for about 5 secs, until the center screen goes black. Let it cycle through which should take about 30 secs, and try again.
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