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I typically charge my MS (Dec 2018 build) to 80% daily at home set to charge at midnight using the Tesla HPWC. Frequently I leave the car plugged for 2-3 days in the garage while out of town. When I leave the charge is 80%, however, when I return the SOC is at 77%. I am wondering if there is a buffer interval before the car would start to charge again? When I come home and open the car door but do not power it up, the car then is charged to 80% by the next morning. Any thoughts? Really curious why this happens and if I left for a couple of weeks plugged in if it would drop below 77%


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    Yes, there is about a 3-4% slide where the gets to the desired setting and then charging stops and waits for it to get a bit lower before charging back up. Healthier for the battery than leaving it charging 100% of the time to your desired setting. Still best to leave it plugged in while gone and let the software figure out the best charging strategy.
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    Thanx for the prompt response TeslaTap. Really have enjoyed your informative website...
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