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Question about Model X - Sentry Mode

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So I own a Model 3, but my sister has an X. She is not too familiar with how her X operates since she bought it used at a Porsche Dealership. Recently, someone broke into her X and stole the center console off. I was trying to figure out why someone would do that. My ultimate question to the forum is does the Model X have Sentry Mode and can the video be recorded to a USB drive, just like it can in my 3? If so, where are the drives plugged into? My only thought is that the bad guys tried to steal the car but couldn't, so they stole the arm console thinking that was where the camera storage was kept. Any other thoughts? Thanks for your input!!


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    That's a weird one! If the X was manufactured (not purchased) after 1-Aug-2017, then it has both Sentry mode and the dashcam feature. There are two USB connections in the center pedestal that are used for the USB drive. With the center console installed, you open the lid near the center pedestal to gain access to the USB ports.
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