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Huh, a new 85Kwh battery pack

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This is interesting,

Is there an advantage to it being 350v vs 400v? Is that a drawback? I’m pretty ignorant here, does that mean it’ll DC charge any slower? I know the 800v battery of the Porsche was supposed to have the ability to regen more so I would have thought 350 is a step back. Maybe it’s more a production thing as they say in the article- 85% of a 100Kwh battery.

My hope is with my 2016 90D (Model S) that when the battery dies that it is within the warranty and there’s something even more better available. I’m more interested in range increase vs performance and I’m not complaining about what I have now.


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    That's interesting. The voltage has nothing to do with charging speed by itself. It's amperage time voltage = power. Consider the Model 3, which also is rated for 350V can charge at 250 kW/hour while the old S85 at 400v is limited to 150 kW. I don't know if the new pack changes the charging rate or not.

    If I were to guess, they have a more efficient cell and need fewer cells to make an 85 pack. That voltage is considered a nominal voltage. During charging it may be higher and during discharging it will be lower. They pack label doesn't state at what point the voltage is actually measured.

    What is unknown is how it affects power and range. I'd guess it shouldn't affect either and should act very similar to the old pack.

    The Taycan "800v: as touted by a few, is a total marketing BS. The voltage is meaningless unless you know the amperage. Not to dismiss the Taycan, it claims it can charge at a 270 kW/hour rate, which is good in itself. But the 800v is more marketing speak that provides no real customer value.
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    Hmmm, very interesting. I can see Tesla re-introducing the 85, just as they did with the 60, to spark sales.
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    Very interesting :-) makes you go hmmmm.
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    I wonder what will be available when my 90 takes a turn for the worse...

    TT- thanks for the info! There are several dimensions to batteries.
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