Tesla Insurance....anyone?

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Just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with Tesla Auto Insurance.

Price comparison
Ease of making claims

As you all know, Teslas are expensive to insure. I have a Model 3 currently undergoing a $16K+ repair that I had to claim on my insurance since the at fault driver’s policy was not sufficient to cover the costs.
Supposedly Tesla knows details of fixing their own cars and costs associated with doing so and the premiums are typically lower than the big companies.

Any comments?
(Sorry if this has already been addressed....please provide a link if there’s an existing thread)

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm using Tesla insurance for my 2000 Tesla purchased on December 27th. It was considerably cheaper than my previous policy on my older Tesla. It helps that the Tesla is my only car. The coverage was slightly lower, but the $100/ month savings makes it worthwhile. Fortunately, I haven't had any claims, but I would hope the claim process would be easier since Tesla would be the repair shop.
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    It's a 2020 Tesla, not 2000.
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    in dec 2019 I took delivery of a 2020 model s... aaa of calif quoted me $1600... Tesla quote is $1200... I have no tickets or wrecks...quote is for 2 adult drivers... btw...the difference between minimum and max coverage is only a few bucks a month... the Tesla quote if for max coverage...
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    " As you all know, Teslas are expensive to insure."

    No, vehicle insurance depends on the OWNERS' driving history, locale, credit report, age, marital status, how many years of a safe driving record, and multi layering of additional discount programs for other positive behavior(s).

    Hate to say it, but here goes; people are expensive to insure when the metric tables say you are a high risk.

    Having only (1) car does not make premiums cheaper; having multi-vehicles and a home owner's policy makes things cheaper, with one broker. Shop around, but if you are young/unmarried/bad credit/renter it WILL be more expensive.
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