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contacts sorting restarts tesla info ent

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Hi, I have my Samsung S10 phone paired with my MS3, everytime i go into phone, contacts and try and sort by name is makes the tesla screen go black and restart, it does this everytime i do this without fail, anyone else come accross this? i did it last night and did the 'submit bug report' command, not sure if they will get the memo!


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    Kinda reminds me of the old joke where a guy goes into a doctor and says, “doc you’ve got to help me, every time I lift up my arm I get a sharp pain in my shoulder.“ And the doctor says, “stop lifting your arm.”
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    @M3phan: I had the exact same thought when I first read the OP yesterday. :-)
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    ; )
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    @ therambl3r, seriously though, not sure why your phone would trigger that screen reaction. Do you have to sort your phone contacts before selecting a name, or can you just create a favorites list on your phone and go from that, or vocal command a call? What about disconnecting your phone from the car as a key, rebooting your phone, and then reconnecting it?
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