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Excellent roof replacement support so far

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I requested panel removal from Tesla to accommodate roof replacement in mid-December. A few weeks later, I was notified that I was scheduled for removal in late January. I had many questions about the removal and re-installation process and had no trouble whatsoever getting through to a support specialist (after navigating the phone maze). The specialist was able to clearly answer all of my questions. In the nearly 2 years we have had our system, I have never had anything for competent and professional support from Tesla Energy.


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    My experience has been the same. Exemplary service.
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    Where did you find a phone number for customer service. Seeems to be a maze that leads you back to the beginning. I am sorry that I chose Solar City as they are not customer friendly. And help will help!
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    I believe that I called: 888-765-2489 and navigated a fairly simple phone maze before I contacted a solar technician.

    I recall that once, in the past, the Tesla phone robot informed me that there was an approximate 20-minute wait and prompted me for a return hone number. I provided it, and about 20 minutes later, someone called me as promised.
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    A Tesla solar subcontractor was out to the house a few days ago to remove the panels in preparation for roof installation. They had a question about disconnecting the powerwalls, since the conduit for them needed to be temporarily removed. They called their supervisor who was not yet available.
    In the meantime, I called Tesla Support and after a brief phone maze which took 15 seconds to navigate, I got through to a Tesla technician who quickly answered my questions after asking me the serial number of my powerwalls.
    I relayed the answers to the crew, but they evidently did not want to take action on information from a customer, so they continued to work their chain of command for the answer. About an hour or so later, they obtained the same answer that I did after spending possibly less than two minutes on the phone earlier that morning.
    I have yet to have a negative experience with Tesla solar or powerwall support.
  • My experience was terrible. It tool Tesla 11 months to remove panels and they were completely uncommunicative (unless I called customer service, where I would get an empathetic customer service agent who assured me they were working on it but couldn't give me any details.) Realized in January of 2019 that I had deformed shingles and called Tesla -- they said it would be 2-4 month if it wasn't leaking --but maybe 2 months if leaking. I had to find a contractor that would replace half the roof (that part not under panels) -- and many contractors were not excited about this. In July I got an email telling me removal had been scheduled for January. I asked if it was a joke. As the date got closer, I responded to the email several times to confirm it was still scheduled and never got a response. Finally got someone on the customer service line who assure me it was happening. When I asked about replacing the panels, was told they would 'get me on the list' when my roof was replaced. I assured them to roof was scheduled to replaced right after removal. New roof, called back and got the message that "I am on the list" but no one can provide an estimate. My panels are sitting on a palate in the back yard, and I haven't a clue whether it will be 4 weeks or two months or eleven months. I am excited that solar panels are taking off. But I am also furious that Tesla was thrilled about leasing the panels to me, but servicing the panels so I can ensure a sound roof and ongoing solar service is not part of the bargain. An eleven-month wait is ridiculous and I am not longer suggestion anyone looking into Tesla because of the poor service.
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    Perhaps Tesla prioritized me near the top of their schedule since our roof was actually leaking. We shall see how it goes after the new roof is installed (currently in progress), and I request panel re-installation.
  • My panels were installed 3 years ago by Solar City soon after acquisition by Tesla. I knew my roof was 15 years old and would need replacement in a few years, but was told by tech that it was a simple job to remove and store panels and then replace them when the roof was done. About $500 at the time was his estimate.
    Surprise! I just had a quote of between $5,000 to $6,000 for removal and replacement. And the time frame is unclear at best. So much for saving money with Tesla solar!!! Don't bother unless you get a new roof at the same time.
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    The $500 cost of removal and replacement is written into my PV system contract with SC, signed in about September of 2015.
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    New roof installation was completed on 2/20. On 2/21, I emailed Tesla, per instructions, requesting panel re-installation. On 2/24, I received an email from Tesla acknowledging my request, further indicating that I would be contacted with a schedule shortly. Yesterday (2/26), I received a phone call indicating that re-instllation had been scheduled for 3/16.
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    On 3/16, the subcontractor notified me that one member of the team was ill, and re-installation was delayed until 3/18. On 3/18, there was rain in the forecast, so re-installation was delayed until 3/25. Work began late on 3/25 and was completed early on 3/27. The system appeared to be up and running, but the application was returning nonsensical data.
    The subcontractor left, indicating that their work was done, and for me to contact Tesla about monitoring and controlling the system if the problem did not clear up in a few hours. The problem did not clear up in a few hours, so I contacted Tesla and had no problem whatsoever quickly getting through to a person who took charge of the issue. The technician (who is working from home due to the current public health situation) indicated that the subcontractor had neglected a final task, and he did some things on his end, and the issue with the application cleared up immediately, Furthermore, the technician indicated that he wanted to monitor our system over the next several hours to make sure that it was operating normally. Four hours later, HE called ME back to ensure me that he had reviewed its performance and that the system was operating normally.
    Again, I have never had a problem contacting Tesla Energy Support, and they have always been excellent. Overall, we went for not quite two months without solar due to the panel and room maintenance process. I sure missed the panels, and it is sure good to have them back!
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    And another thing ... in that 2 month period that the Powerwalls were turned off, they lost 1% (80% down to 79%) of their charge.
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    Probably for internal maintenance. They have a coolant loop and radiators to maintain optimal battery temperature.
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    My roof was actively leaking from where Tesla installed the solar panels. Long story short is I finally was going to put on new roof. Called Tesla in early Jan for a quote remove and replace the solar system and it was $9000 for a 1200sqft single story house. Earliest spot was "summer sometime". Found a local solar company that did the work and made structural improvements with the mounting system and routed the wiring for a better look for $6000 and a couple week window that fit my schedule. Tesla service was a joke to deal with trying to get roof replaced. I'm super happy going with someone else for service. Tesla products are great, service stinks.
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    I had a non-Solar city solar system for about 5 years. The roof was failing and switched to a solar roof. At no extra cost, Tesla took off the old solar system and stacked it carefully in my patio. I sold it on Craigslist in a day. Installation and service for the new solar roof were excellent. Very impressed with everyone who put it all together.
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    FloridaDave, I hope that you never need warranty work for your Tesla system from Tesla, as it's highly likely that your actions invalidated your 20 year warranty with them. You're on your own now. Good luck!
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