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Radio Interference.

Many SolarEdge systems as installed radiate interference affecting shortwave radio reception and licensed amateur radio operations. What make this worse is that in an emergency when the grid goes down and the inverter shuts down the optimizers still generate radio noise because they are still powered by the panels. Without power many communication system cease to function. With radio interference from the optimizers emergency communications provide by amateur radio can be severely degraded. This happens only between dawn and twilight, but disasters can happen at any time. FCC and ARRL are aware. I hope that FEMA is aware also. At present I"m unaware of any interference to aeronautics.


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    power optimizers are usually shielded in metallic enclosures and should have very little noise. did you check the datasheet of a power optimizer to see? solar edge optimizers comply with FCC Part15 Class B, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3... this is not good enough?
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    No, this is not good enough! The installations are done poorly with panels connected in a loop. Panels should be connected so that the series wiring goes from panel to panel to the last panel then back along the same path with the return wire twist with the wire that goes out from panel to panel. This will self shield like a twisted pair cable instead of radiating like a loop antenna. This happens from dawn to twilight. This extends from before sunrise to after sunset. In dim lighting conditions the optimizers are energized. They get up a little before sunrise and stay up a little passed sunset. About 20 minutes after sunset.
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    Aha, very interesting!

    I know that aeronautical frequencies are between 100 MHz - 400 MHz. Also FEMA seems to use the 400 MHz band:

    Now, the power optimizers are DC-to-DC converters with switching frequencies up to 10 MHz.... I don't see that interfering with FEMA... However, amateur radio operators might be impacted if operating below 10 MHz...
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    Theoretical square waves consist of an infinite number of odd harmonics. Using 10 MHz as an example odd harmonics would be 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130 and so on. Amplitude varies inversely with the harmonic number and power by the square of amplitude of the harmonic. For example the 9th harmonic amplitude is 1/9 of the fundamental. the power would be the square of that or 1/81 of the fundamental power which is still greater than 1%.
    Switch signal are probably rectangular and not square so harmonic content is different. These are only approximations.
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    By the way amateur radio is used in emergencies by
    FEMA, and VOAD organizations use such as
    Adventist Community Services
    All Hands Volunteers
    American Baptist Men
    American Radio Relay League
    American Red Cross
    Brethren Disaster Ministries
    Catholic Charities, USA
    Christian Disaster Response International
    Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
    Church World Service
    Church of Scientology Disaster Response (also known as Volunteer Ministers)
    City Team Ministries
    Convoy of Hope
    Episcopal Relief and Development
    Feeding America (Formerly America's Second Harvest)
    Feed the Children
    Habitat for Humanity International
    Headwaters Relief Organization
    Hope Coalition America
    The Humane Society of the United States
    International Aid
    International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
    International Organization for Victim Assistance
    International Relief and Development
    International Relief Friendship Foundation
    Jewish Federations of North America
    Latter-Day Saint Charities[6]
    Lutheran Disaster Response
    Mennonite Disaster Service
    Mercy Medical Airlift/Angel Flight America
    National Association of Jewish Chaplains
    National Organization for Victim Assistance
    Nazarene Disaster Response
    Noah's Wish - Animal Disaster Response
    Operation Blessing
    Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
    REACT International
    The Salvation Army
    Samaritan’s Purse
    Save the Children
    Society of St. Vincent de Paul
    Southern Baptist Convention –North American Mission Board
    Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA
    United Church of Christ –Wider Church Ministries
    United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
    United Way of America
    Volunteers of America
    World Vision
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