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Tesla has a new model wall connector.



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    @reed - Good to know! Thanks.
  • edited January 2020 As I understand it the original superchargers used the original onboard chargers at 277 volts in the cabinets. These chargers were used without reported issues that I am aware of. Generally low voltage electrical equipment is rated at 600vac. 600 vac is the voltage rating for all the power wiring in your house, not 240 vac that one might think. In the end however I would depend on Tesla to determine if their equipment can be used at 277. I would get the determination in writing before designing and installing a system at that voltage level.

    If Tesla is approving the use of 277 vac, they are approving the Nominal voltage class 277 which means it is within the ANSI C84.1 standard. That standard for 277 vac ranges from a high of 293vac to a low of 245 vac.
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    Why the change from 24 feet to 18. This will be an issue for me and assume others as well.
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    @michel - I can see the problem for some. They used to have two lengths - 24 and 8 feet. For me, 8 feet is better - just a lot of excess cable to roll up. The new cable is thinner and lighter, which is nice. The old WC cable was quite thick and heavy, but not quite as bad as the older Superchargers.
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    I was wondering what wall item I should purchase for home charging of a 2013 s60.
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    I have a 2013 model a with dual charging. I just purchase a tesla wall connector. Does anyone know what amperage I would need to install to.maicimoze efficiency of the dual charger?
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    I think the max is 72 amp for the dual charges. You need a 100 A circuit for 80. Probably 90 would be good enough for 72 if they made them. You need to go 20% below the max you want. You could put up to 4 HPWCs daisy chained on one 100 amp circuit. And each car will draw what it needs up to 80’A
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    If you purchased the new version of the wall connector a 60 amp circuit will get you the wall connectors maximum rate of 48 amps, a higher amperage circuit rating will not charge faster. If you purchased the old version of the wall connector you should install a 100 amp circuit that will allow you to fully use both of your dual chargers and charge at 80 amps.
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