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Since the release of the come to me Summon, several times to use this. However most times it will go in the other direction and when it does come in my direction it stops about 10 feet short. Has anybody else experienced this issue.


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    Happened to me yesterday.

    I pulled through a parking spot to park in the one in front. Car was facing the corner of the building. When I came out I used smart summon. All the car needed to do was pull forward, out of the spot and turn left. It started backing up so I stopped. Thought I would help it so I pressed "Forward" until the car was 1/2 way out of the spot. Hit smart summon again. And again it started backing up again. We laughed it off and walked to the car.

    Now I with I would have let it go just so I could see the path it wanted to take.
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    "wish" not "with"
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