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Frequent sentry events.

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My new, 2020 Tesla records a sentry event every time I park it for more than an hour. I live in a safe area, so I doubt anyone is messing with my car that often. I've gone through some of the videos and have yet to see anyone or anything nearby. Is anyone else having similar events? Does anyone know where in the long list of sentry files the actual triggering event takes place in the 10 minute recording time frame? There are 40 files recorded for each sentry event. Each file is one minute of video from each of the four cameras over a 10 minute time frame. It's not me wandering into the garage without my key. Home is excluded from sentry events.


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    A few weeks ago I had 300 events over a lunch hour. I parked next to a bush on a windy day...
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    Like Rob said, when I got over 1000 events at my work on a windy day I turned it off at work.
    Typically I get a few (shopping etc) and it’s just people parking next to me or walking by.
    On the rare occasion (now) when I get ‘a lot’ I will do a walk around to make sure she’s good.
    Ya get used to it.
    Just clean out the usb monthly and you’re good.
    On the other hand, while it may be annoying I would rather have it in case something actually does happen.

    Still Grinning ;-)
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    OK. An undocumented feature. I thought it would require at least a touch to trigger the sentry, but branches, big trucks and Harleys seem to be triggers too. According to the manual, if you fill up the drive, the car will overwrite the oldest sentry events, so it's not really a problem. So the rule is, don't bother checking the sentry files unless you find damage.
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    I'll check sentry videos even if there is no damage. The cars flash lights when people get close that their reactions can be quite entertaining. Some are puzzled, some put on a show. The latter are probably Tesla owners.
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    Sentry Mode is less sensitive than it used to be. I can now approach my car without generating an event. But if you park in a spot with a lot of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, you’ll get a lot if events.
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    There is a cost benefit to sentry mode.Sentry mode is preemptive since it wants to start recording a potentially adverse event early. This leads a great many false positives and a power draw for each of them.
    The power draw is mitigated now you can geo fence ( home or work) its activity. You can manually turn it off if you feel a location is safe and you want to conserve your battery. If sentry mode were to wait until a window is broken or a car keyed it would often be too little too late
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    The Sentry Mode power drain is caused by the AP computer processing the camera input to detect threats, not by recording video. Dashcams don't require much power to operate.
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