What do you know about Lucid

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Sorry if other posts already addressed this topic, but Lucid is coming out with an EV with 400+ miles of range and 0-60 in 2.5?

Is this the first real competitor for Tesla?

I have never heard about his company until today. If anyone has any info, I would be glad to hear about it . . .

If real, then congrats to Lucid! The more EVs the better IMO.



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    Smells like Faraday Future...
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    @BuffaloBillsFan: heard about them for years. They have also produced nothing for years, except a lot of strained checkbooks for investors.
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    They've recently broken ground on their factory here near Phoenix ( ) . I wish them all the best; but at this stage I don't see them as anything other than a bright spot on the horizon. They appear to have somehow acquired a copy of Tesla's Secret Master Plan from back in 2006 ( ), and seem to be following a similar path.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I guess there is a reason I haven’t heard of them. Wish them the best of luck, though . . .
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    @Frank99. Thanks so much for the links! I have not seen the super-secret Tesla Master Plan, written in 2006 before. I think it is fair to praise Mr. Musk for doing what he set out to achieve with the Model 3.
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    1% chance of success

    Like Tesla had in 2002
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    BuffaloBillsFan -
    I've always loved that blog post; first for the tongue in cheek humor ("just between you and me"), and second for the clear presentation of a corporate goal and the execution that brought it about. Tesla wasn't about a bunch of motivational posters on a wall, or a corporate goal written by a consulting company commissioned because all successful companies had a goal; it was about a bunch of people with a clear understanding of a clear corporate goal that furthered humanity. Probably the reason that I stood in line with 1000 of my best friends back in 2016 to put a reservation down on a car that I'd never even seen and was going to cost more than any other car I'd ever bought.
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    Another Tezzlakiller!
    Good luck to them, Can never have too many EV manufacturers
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    Lucid wasn't noted before as "Faraway Future" for nothing!
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    I wish them to succeed
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    They had one at a TV show I was working on
    (Not an actor) a couple years ago.
    Beautiful car! Gorgeous interior!
    Four motors. 1000 HP!
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    Lucid Motors is a company which recently received funding from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and is based in Newark, CA who's benefiting from managing to woo Tesla's former Model S chief engineer, Peter Rawlinson, who is now their (Lucid's) CEO and CTO, and former Tesla board member, Bernard Tse.

    As with other much hyped, so-called "Tesla killers", I wish them luck.
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    Lucid is muddled.
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    Very pretty showcar. But they unveiled the Air in late 2016. There is *some* significant investment behind them. And the prototype has clicked off some impressive track times. I'd like to see this car make it to market, but it seems a lot like Fisker/Faraday Future/Karma/Fisker2.0/etc. Model S debuted in 2012, and there is still nothing on the market to match it. Could the Lucid Air be that legitimate competitor? Perhaps. But the clock is clicking fast. Eventually one of the OEMs will figure it out, or Rivian or Lordstown or someone will bring out a sport sedan. Tick tock.
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    With a bit more research I found out that, in addition to funding from Saudi Arabia's Sovereign Wealth Fund Lucid (like the Warren Buffet-backed Chinese EV company, "BYD") also enjoys funding from several Chinese investors and their technology division, named for their former company name, "Atieva", in partnership with Britain's McLaren Applied Technologies' electronic division, have been providing the Li-Ion batteries for the Formula E since 2018 (Williams Advanced Engineering was the sole supplier until then), all of which they, like Tesla, manufacture in-house and may or may not now actually be the sole supplier:

    They (Lucid) have also recently claimed to have produced a test vehicle capable of clocking some 400 mis. of range at highway speeds:

    All in all, and despite the hidden actors involved, it looks like Lucid just might manage to produce an at least relatively comparable EV to Tesla's offerings, but only Time will tell how this will all play out.
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    Tesla has the brand image for EV's, no other competitor will rival them unless a current legacy automaker backs Lucid. Lucid is pie in the ski BS.

    Only expect real competitors from Rivian, Ford, Audi, VW, GM, Nissan, etc.

    Not enough room for another one of "those" EV companies. They're already expensive as-is and if Tesla is struggling with their sales on S/X being down 40%, they will really struggle.
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    @mavuck, total bullshit. “Tesla is struggling”

    How many SuperBowl adds did you see for Tesla? Answer:0

    GM is likely toast.

    Where does GM get their batteries?

    You can try on a multitude of threads, but E&N pretty much put you down.

    Stealerships, never, no. Some of us had to deal with them because of the age thing. A bright light shown...goodbye.

    In most cities > 50k residents, you have a “dealer” that really don’t have anyone’s best interests at heart.

    Perhaps you could tell us what tiny city you are from....
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    @blue, good for GM, good for OH.

    2023? Slackers. ;-)
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    Mabuck, what’s the relevance of the S and X sales? In 2019, Tesla delivered about 125,000 more cars than they did in 2018.
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    "Mabuck, what’s the relevance of the S and X sales?"

    The relevance is that the S and X are the Tesla models - the S in particular - that the Lucid Air is most like and will be competing with.
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    Tesla, I am sure can survive without S and X sales, especially when the Model Y comes online. Elon already said that they are niche vehicles.

    Also, Lucid is seemingly designed to be more of a S Class EV.
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    Thanks for the clarification on my behalf @Yodrak.

    Tesla has the best product spec wise in the S/X category. If those sales are down on those vehicles, I would really worry about bringing to market a S competitor. Very silly, it's too niche. Tesla knew it couldn't survive just selling those two vehicles unless it wanted to be a fraction of the size.
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    Well, don't go getting your hopes up just yet, afterall GM has been taunting and teasing and promising us they'll produce another EV for a couple decades now so....
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    We know it's not a Model 3 on Tesla Forum.
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