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Storm blew up HPWC?

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We had a brutal power outage today, and now my HPWC is dead. I’m getting the full 240V at the unit, but no lights, no operation, and a faint ticking sound from the unit while the breaker is on. It’s configured to operate on the 80A setting with a 100A breaker (which did not trip). Flipping the breaker and pressing the reset button had no effect.

Has anyone had their HPWC die in this fashion? Before blowing another $500 to replace it, I’d like to be sure it’s dead and also know if there is anything practical I can do to safeguard against this happening again.

BTW, car was plugged in at the time, and seems fine.


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    Cycle power from the breaker and let sit for a good 30 to 60 seconds to make sure the board in the HPWC powers all the way down then follow reset procedure?

    Press and hold reset button for at least 3 seconds (1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi...)?
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    If you’re unable to revive it per above, and you really think a power surge may have destroyed it, possibly pursue your insurance company?
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    No combination of breaker and reset button has brought it back to life; breaker was off for 12 hours. There are no lights illuminated on it, not even a red light. I guess it’s truly dead. I will indeed proceed with home owner’s insurance and buy a new one, I guess. Maybe also whole house surge protector.
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