Model 3

Phone problems

My phone suddenly stopped working in the car.

Bluetooth is enabled, and unlocks the car and I am able to play media from my phone through the speakers in the car.

However, no audio works when I try to place or receive a call. The red "hang up" icon shows up, but I have to switch the "audio" of my phone from Tesla to iPhone to hear anything. My state has a hands free law, so I am reluctant to do this, and frustrated by this confusing situation. I've tried disabling and then enabling Bluetooth on my phone, to no avail.

One other weird thing that happens is when I try to use the icon of the phone on my screen for an outgoing call, the screen goes black as soon as I touch any of my contacts. The Tesla insignia comes on, and a few minutes later the screen is restored.

Has anyone encountered this situation? It makes no sense to me, as other phone function works through the speakers of my car.



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