How long is delivery time on the wall connectors?

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I plan to order the new wall connector, and wanted to give a soft date to the electrician when to possibly expect to come to install it. ive seen a few posts in other forums from a year ago that it takes a logn time to get the product. im not sure if that is still real today or not. I am in Texas so was wondering how long of a wait will it be if I order it right now?



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    @DionGalbreath: The long waits were probably for wall connectors earned as referral awards, not those ordered from the online store. If they're in stock it probably won't take long to get, but there's no one at Tesla you can actually ask.

    I don't know if Tesla e-mails tracking numbers when they ship products. They did not when they sent me my referral award wall connectors, but that was a different process.
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    @Dion - My guess is under a week from order to delivery in the USA for items in stock.
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    I saw some at a service /sales center about a year ago. Don't know if they sell them or if a customer might have ordered them.
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    @TT, might be optimistic. I ordered 10-30 adapter on January 2 after receiving an email that they were back in stock ... got confirmation of the order but to date no shipping info nor received product. Two emails asking for status have gone unanswered.
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    It’s not long. A month ago they were going in and out of stock. But when they got them in stock they shipped in a few days
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    The electrician that installed mine keeps them in stock. No wait for me.
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    you have a very progressive electrician
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    If i were an electrician and followed any trends like this what so ever, i'd probably do the same. If someone called me and said "can you do this?", and i said "i can do it right this second", you're pretty much securing the business for yourself. When it comes to contracting, being competent and willing to come over immediately is 75% of the tooth pulling process.
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    I have a new Gen2 8' wall charger for sale. Contact me if interested. [email protected] happy to sell it for cost + shipping.
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    I have a Gen2 24’ wall charger - never opened. Online sales aren’t responding to my query to return (opted to use a 14-50 NEMA). Contact me if you’re interested. Cost + shipping.
  • DionGalbreath, when did you finally receive your Wall Connector? I am in the same predicament. Ordered it 5 days ago, they took my $, but radio silence since then. There was no reply from the customer email address "[email protected]". Electrician coming in a week. Thanks.
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    I ordered mine on April 19, 2020, it shipped on April 20 and arrived on April 29. This was fine with my scheduling.
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    Does anyone know if the new wall chargers (series 3) have long lead times?
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    I’m wondering the same thing as scottm wondering how long the gen 3 charger will take to get here
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