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Solar Roof Progression (UPDATE 5/19)



  • Try getting a Home Equity Line of Credit since you are only charged on the outstanding balance as you pay for each purchase. Most places have intro rates for the first year. I got 1.99% for the first yr and prime after that at Trustco Bank in FL and they have branches in NY VT and some other NE states. But the bank now has a .99% rate for the first six months as another option. And their are no appraisal fees.
    Another bank I deal with that is mainly in the TX, AL TN GA area has fees and no intro rate but they are about .10 under prime if you have income or bank accounts with them of over $250k and perfect credit.
  • i've never even considered this. will look into it thanks
  • Mission is a go.

    Tear down on Monday, installation starts Thursday.

    Reopening the shared google drive link and updated the data tracker for 2021 for anyone that is interested. Im sure this thread will get buried, and not sure if any new wonderers will make their way to the 12th page.

    Going to take new pictures as well since its been a full year since the last set.

    I am not a youtuber and are generally awkward on video, so dont expect videos. But maybe.
  • Good to see progress.
  • thanks, unfortunately the forums will be shutdown by the time the tearoff starts, so i'll have to defer to the pictures i take. might post a thread in TMC
  • Came and dropped off supplies this morning
  • Bump for anyone that comes back here interested in solar roof.
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