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88 Tesla Voice Commands: Every Voice Comand (Jan 2020)

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Found this link to a YouTube video that may be of interest to Tesla Model 3 owners.



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    I found that very useful. Thanks for sharing!
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    I was very disappointed that this wasn't to the tune of 88 Lines about 44 Women.
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    This could be very useful if Tesla sends an update to fix the voice commands it broke during the last update.

    VERY FRUSTRATED when we regress with features.
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    I noticed that when I used voice command to turn the dome lights on or off that it actually changes the setting for them. It took the setting out of auto. I wonder what other settings voice commands resets.
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    If you manually turn off a light that is set to auto turn off, you are surprised its no longer set to auto?
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    I have tried most of the voice commands in the video, they are working. I haven't seen any regress or changes to the settings, unless I asked.

    My Tesla is a Model 3, year 2019, LR, AWD, FSD, on version 2019.40.50.7

    I had a 2018 RWD but decided I wanted AWD.
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    I'm not going to plod through a video when a simple alphabetical (or categorical) list would serve much better (and more portable!).
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    I've noticed that voice commands don't work at all while you're using the YouTube app, and I assume the same is true for the other video streaming apps. I can use the "open youtube" voice command to open the app, but once it's open there's no voice support.

    If your experience is different, chime in.
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    @rxlawdude: When you find that list, let us know. :-)
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    @rxlawdude and EVRider... the list is listed in the description... must click expand or read more.

    Here it is cut and pasted:

    Command List:
    - Open Browser
    - Go to or Go to
    - Search Google For X
    - Open Easter Eggs
    - Open Phone
    - Open/Close Energy App
    - Adjust mirrors
    - Adjust steering wheel
    - Enable/Disable sentry mode
    - Lock/unlock doors
    - Lock/unlock Windows
    - Open/Close charge port door
    - Set driver seat heater to
    - Set Seat (XXX) heater to (XXX)
    - Set rear seats to high
    - Set wipers to auto /1/2/3/4
    - Show Wi-Fi
    - Show/Close Backup/Rear Camera
    - Show/Close Bluetooth
    - Slow down windshield wipers
    - Speed up wipers
    - Turn off windshield wipers
    - Turn on windshield wipers
    - Turn on/off all seat heaters
    - Turn on/off front defroster
    - Turn on/off rear defroster
    - Turn on/off the defogger
    - Unfold mirrors
    - Wipers Max
    - Open Home Link
    - Open/Close Owner's Manual
    - Show me tire pressures
    - Show Trip
    - Open/Close autopilot
    - Open/Close Display Settings
    - Open/Close Drivers Menu
    - Set dome lights to automatic
    - Turn dome lights off/on
    - Ho Ho Ho
    - infinity and beyond
    - keep sumer safe
    - Fart Noises
    - Adjust Air
    - I'm cold
    - Increase/Decrease the temperature X degrees
    - Make it cooler
    - Make it warmer
    - Move air up/down
    - Open/Close HVAC controls
    - Set fan to automatic
    - Set fan to X
    - Set the temperature to XX
    - To infinity and beyond
    - Turn off "H" "Vac"
    - Turn off the air
    - Turn on/off Camp mode
    - Turn on/off Dog Mode
    - Turn on/off floor, windshield vent
    - Turn on/off recirculate
    - Open the glovebox
    - Set passenger seat to high/medium/low
    - Show seat heaters
    - Show the odometer
    ‪- Turn on/off rear left/right/middle seat heater‬
    - Open/Close Music
    - Open NetFlix
    - Open YouTube
    - Play
    - Show media
    - Next Song
    - Mute Music
    - Cancel Navigation
    - Drive to
    - Go Home
    - Go to airport
    - Go to Work
    - Navigate to
    - Take me to
    - Turn on/off satellite mode/view
    - Turn on/off Traffic Display/view
    - Where are the supercharger stations
    - Zoom in/out on the map
    - Call
    - Open phone app
    - Show text message
    - Text Message MotherFrunker
    - Send Motherfrunker Hello this is a text
    - Send Poop emoji within text
    - Bug Report
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    Thanks @rdavis!
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    So disappointed. Where's "More Cowbell" ??
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    @rdavis: Thanks for the list. In the video, they said they were showing us all available voice commands, but I don’t know how they could actually know that. I’m guessing there are many more commands than these.
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    Thanks @rdavis!
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    Thank you this was very informative!
  • I am waiting for the day when I can speak multiple commands at once. As it is, I drop the same 3 commands each time I drive:

    Turn on recirculation
    Set drivers seat heater to high
    Show trips

    I want to just say Turn on recirculation, set driver seat to high and show trips.
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    Thanks @rdavis. I'll keep that as a reference.
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    Thank you rdavis. Very helpful.
  • “My butt is cold” turns on the driver seat heater to full.
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    @ lonestar - I tried that one - didn't work. It actually turned the HVAC temp down to LO.
  • It worked perfectly for me today. FWIW the voice recognition is excellent in my SR+. I am battling 1000 with all the commands I have tried thus far.
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    Do radio station tuning commands go with the premium package? Used to work, but went away when the premium package went away. Coincidence or by design ($)?
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    Crazy that Tesla builds this and leaves up to owners to figure it out.

    Tesla has list with all the Voice Commands they programed.

    Publish the list. Add it as addendum to online manual.
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    Yes, crazy cool that Tesla sees value in having customers sleuth together.

    FISHEV is EVIL with his rhetoric to use anything and everything to bash Tesla and Tesla fans.
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    @FISH The software uses Natural Language algorithms so there really isn't a list of commands. The software listens to your voice command and then parses it looking for verbs, nouns, modifiers, etc. And it looks for matches with Tesla hardware (heaters, seats, wipers, etc.) Finally it uses AI to refine it's responses. So there are literally tens of thousands of combinations of commands. And they improve and multiply with each software update.
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