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Drive Unit Replacements

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Today Tesla service in Las Vegas stated they are not replacing faulty and noisy drive units. It was previously their position they would replace noisy drive units up to 8 yrs. This is my second model S. The first one a 2013 required 3 drive unit replacements in under 50k miles. My present car has 47k on it and the rear motor is making enough noise that anyone who rides in the cars back seat ask me what that noise is. I can also hear while accelerating while driving the car. Why has this policy changed?


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    The ceramic ones don’t suffer the same fate as the early metal bearings. My 2013 has a DU with 220k miles as the ceramic doesn’t spall. I suspect yours is also ceramic based on replacement history.
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    And what is your present car......?

    I am at 140,000 miles on my replacement DU with no issues.
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    Im at 160k with original 2014
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    My present car is a 2014 p85d. I have not had any replacements yet, but i would say there is enough noise to warrant it. Tesla previously said they would replace these units for up to 8 years, but now appears to be reneging on this policy. This is really upsetting me because i just ordered a new S which should arrive in march.
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    It doesn't make much sense. I'd push it, or take it to court. If the car is under warranty and they routinely recognized the problem for other owners, I don't see how that could claim that.
  • I just scheduled service for my 2017 model S for a noise coming from the drive unit. My wife has a Model 3. She was with me in the S for the first time in a while just the other day and said my car sounded like a motorcycle was following it. I had noticed it, but as it was getting gradually worse it didn't seem as bad to me. But the difference in sound now between her RWD model 3 and my RWD model S is very pronounced (I know the drive units are totally different but they used to be nearly the same level of sound). I am hoping they will replace it as this is normally a very quiet vehicle and it certainly isn't now.
  • Like other issues they are trying to push you beyond warranty so you will have to pay for it. With capricious and ever-changing warranty terms they now believe if the car can move, it is fine. So live with the noise and hope it fails before the 8 year mark.
  • Because TSLA has a money problem. What a maroon😂
  • @BH...Well, you know Elon said they are cutting costs...chasing after pennies as I recall. Perhaps the SvC is taking that to an extreme.

    @jerry, suggest you find another SvC far away and use the "correct" term. Its not a noise, it's a vibration...a severe noticable vibration, like having a Harley in the back seat..

    Best of luck, and may you have a new DU for Christmas.
  • Not good! I hope that Tesla will see past today’s market cap and remember those who bought early on.
  • Just reporting back as I had posted that I had an upcoming appointment for the bearing noise issue. The drive unit was replaced with no hassle. This was at the Dublin, CA service center. From the invoice PDF:

    Concern: Customer states: There is a noise (seems like bearing noise) emitting from the rear drive unit area. Noise can be duplicate at low speeds of 1 - 35 mph.
    Technician road test vehicle and confirmed customer concern. Technician visually inspected rear halfshafts and found no damage. Technician recommend to replace rear drive unit due to internal issue.
    Technician replaced rear drive unit and confirmed noise is not longer present.
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