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Buying Used X. $6K for FSD, worth it?

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Hi, I have finally decided to buy a used Model X. I have two cars that I like. Both are late 2016 with almost same mileage (~60,000 kms). Everything else in the cars are almost same. both 7 seats, except Auto Pilot.

Option 1. Oct 2016, AP1 with convenience features = CA$ 75,000
Option 2. Dec 2016, AP2 with FSD = CA$ 81,000

Do you think extra $6k is worth for FSD right now given that we are not going to use FSD for at least next couple of years, I plan to change these cars for next 4 years.



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    If a few thousand dollars will make a huge difference in your budget than dont get it. FSD is a wonderful beta capabality and is constantly improving, but it isn't necessary
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    Neither. Autopilot 1 can not be upgraded to FSD. It will be YEARS before your AP 2 car is upgraded to FSD. AP 2 can be upgraded, that may require camera/sensor replacement.

    Do not buy FSD. If you are going to change the cars in 4 years, then buy your 2024 vehicle with FSD.
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    I'm not as negative as @raffi is above. AP2 already has features today that are not in AP1 vehicles, and I expect more features before the end of the year. This includes smart summon, side collision avoidance, Navigate on Autopilot, and a few more. You'll also be upgraded to AP3 hardware for free later this year.

    Now the total Full-Self-Diving capabilities are unknown, partly because some features will require regulatory approval. I expect significant progress by the end of the year, but don't expect FSD everywhere you can drive. There will be limitations - partly due to the regulatory issues.

    On a four-year-old used car $6K for AP2 vs AP1 seems a bit steep to me. I'd expect it to be in the $4-5K range, but perhaps there are other differences between the two cars that I"m not aware of.
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    It's actually the other way around, the AP1 car has a couple of options that AP2 doesn't have like the Tan Leather Seats, and Black Obsidian Metallic paint both of which combined are ~ $5K when bought new.
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    A really rough rule of thumb is options are devalued by 50%. Using this, the AP1 car is the better bargain from strictly the value side and resale. The bigger factor is what you want! P.S. I love my Tan seats - now discontinued.
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    Also, you should confirm the AP1 car has AP enabled. It was an option too, so just having AP1 hardware doesn't tell you if AP is enabled. Sounds like it is from your description. I think it was a $3K option a the time.
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    Both cars have AP activated. AP1 shows as Convenience Feature. AP2 car shows as Full self driving capability.
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    I’m in a similar situation as OP. about to buy a used 2016 X that is listed as FSD capable. I asked my delivery coordinator whether that means it would be upgraded at a later date or if the AP3 upgrade had already been performed. He said that if it’s listed as having FSD then they have already swapped out the hardware. Is this incorrect?
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