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“Holiday release”?

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Am I the only one who still has not received this?

On 40.2.1. MS 90d ap2.0



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    Apparently, only people with MCU2 have received 40.50.x (and not all of those), so you're in good company.
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    Ah, thanks!
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    I received an OTA update on my Model S75D on December 24 th. Since then it has completely disabled my Voice recognition for Entertainment, Navigation and Environmental settings. A month later Tesla inc still can’t offer a fix even when I brought it in the the tesla shop in Carlsbad.
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    @steve, same here on the voice recognition. I am now getting the "Command not recognized". MS 75D 40.50.7
    That is the risk with software upgrade, you occasionnally get regression problems.I guess it will come back with the next release !
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    I know this won't happen but it would be nice if along with a person onscreen name it would state how long they have been owners.

    This isn't really anything new. After a major release there are times where there are unintended/unexpected glitches. Tesla then sends out subsequent patches to fix them. There is also the "when in doubt, reboot" mantra. Even in Tesla's guides on their website stipulate this. Meaning, they do say that if one's car is exhibiting odd behavior, do a reboot. It is the very first thing one should do before hitting the panic button and schedule an appointment. If a reboot doesn't fix the issue, do another. If that doesn't do the trick, do a Power Off. If then it doesn't fix the issue, then schedule an appt.
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    Adding to what @jordanrichard said, I always reboot after installing an update, and I take a quick look at my settings because updates sometimes change them (not often, but not rarely either).
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