Model 3

Spotify Premium vs. Slacker Premium

Has anyone purchased both for use in their Model 3? Two questions:

1. Which service sounds better in the car?

2. How does UI simplicity compare? For either or both, can you request a song via voice command and just have it play? I've heard some reports about having to perform touch interactions with the screen for one or both services.

3. What does the car do to arbitrate between the two services?



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    I haven't upgraded to Slacker Premium but also wondering the same things. Slacker that is included seems to be very repetitive with the songs played.
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    We had both and I just cancelled Slacker yesterday. Since the addition of Spotify, the slacker search wasn't working as well, but they seem to have fixed Spotify's -- so rare touch screen interaction necessary if there are multiple versions or something. As far as sound, I couldn't tell a difference one way or the other. There are separate icons for each in the car - Streaming=slacker, Spotify=(shocker here....) Spotify.
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    I never paid for Slacker, but Spotify gets the nod for a MUCH larger selection. Many songs I wanted just weren't available on Slacker. Unfortunately the Spotify app still doesn't work very well in the car, hopefully will improve. At this point about half the time I start a drive where I was listening to Spotify last it won't start. I need to wait about 5 minutes for it to be available, then I can start it up again. After that, it may or may not start to repeat after 2, 3 or 4 songs. Frustrating. If I thought it would never get fixed and if the car was the only place I listened to Spotify I would have cancelled by now, but just hoping for improvement soon... The Slacker app definitely works better in the car, but because I didn't pay for premium there are a lot of features missing.
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    Spotify works spectacularly well for me. I has Spotify Premium already, so seeing out in my car was a happy surprise. When I got the car in November it was a little dicey, but it has improved to where it's a good app. I recency told it, "Play 'Heart of the Hurricane' by 'Beyond the Black'" and it responded perfectly, even through my thick New York accent.
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    I had Pandora Premium, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Sirius XM All Access. I signed up for a Spotify trial, downgraded Pandora Premium to Pandora Plus, and canceled Sirius XM. I don't miss Sirius XM. I still like Pandora over Spotify. Spotify on the iPhone app and online on my PC is not that bad, but the Tesla app is lacking. It's not very easy getting the music that I want.

    So I canceled Spotify and now use Amazon Echo Auto for my music. I just tell Alexa what I want to hear and on which platform. It uses my iPhone, so I can listen my library and playlists on Apple Music (fka iTunes), my library and playlists on Amazon Music, Thumbprint radio or any other radio stations, artists or songs on Pandora. I have not tried using Alexa with YouTube Music yet. I have had good luck just telling Alexa to play this or that and it works.
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    I'm curious regarding the original question, what sounds best? I find Slacker hit or miss where it sounds great one day, and another not so much. Is stream quality dynamic based on connectivity or something? I came here specifically thinking I would ditch Slacker (LiveXLive) for Spotify if it's more consistent in sound.
  • I have Slacker Premium and it is fantastic. I like talk radio and it has 15 stations. The music stations are enjoyable.
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    I have premium versions of both.

    As for sound, Spotify is a bit better and allegedly has a higher bit rate than Slacker. The two apps play well together. When I look at my listening history along the bottom row of icons, there'll be a mix of icons from both, and selecting any icon enables smooth transition between the two apps.

    My one issue with Spotify is that the signal can get lost, giving the spinning wheel phenomenon. Selecting a previous station from Slacker, then back to Spotify, always resolves the problem.

    if I had to pick one over the other, I'd go wth Spotify.
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    6 months later and I still have problems with the Spotify app. Still freezes and repeats regularly. Had it in for service last month and they said that this will be addressed with a software update "soon". The Slacker app works much better, but I still won't pay for their premium due to the song availability limits.
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    I find Spotify Premium good with Slacker Premium. so I always choose spotify premium apk free download at
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    Apart from Spotify I look forward to Pandora Music. I feel like pandora music premium is ten times better.
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    Spotify Premium is ten times better with Slacker Premium If you find Spotify Premium App Then Download Now Link Below
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  • Yes, I had tried both of the music streaming in my car and I found that Spotify is better than a slacker.

    1. Undoubtedly, Spotify Premium performs better with the car's sound system. You can download its premium version from here -

    2. I would prefer to use Spotify Connect to stream your favourite songs.

    3. Spotify can be used on any car's interior so you don't need to do any special modification.
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    2. I would prefer to use Spotify Connect to stream your favourite songs.
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    2. I would prefer to use Spotify Connect to stream your favourite songs.
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