Tesla owners UK please look!

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Hi, I'm a third year student at the University of Exeter and my chosen dissertation topic looks into the future of vehicle technology, how renewable fuels and attitudes shape the current electric vehicle market and how existing electric owners feel and perceive their cars to be representative of themselves.

I have so far been lucky enough to have interviewed a Tesla Roadster owner as a result of a post to this forum. This was most engaging and really very useful for my project.

To achieve a representative data set for my project, I am required to present a number of separate interviews to support my hypothesis. If you feel that you might like to get involved in a project which aims to positively represent electric vehicles and indeed use such a representation to appeal to those 'non-believers' then please get in touch, your participation would be hugely appreciated.

An interview would typically last for no more than an hour and aims to allow you to tell your story in your purchase of an electric vehicle.

For queries or any interest, please send an email to [email protected]

Many Thanks, Lowell


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