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customized system / inverter oversizing

Anyone successfully convinced Tesla Energy to customize your system?

They recently only offer: S(3.8), M(7.6), L(11.4) and XL(15.2). I need a 13kw system, obviously I would like to go w/ the bigger system but where I live, the city only allow a 10kw system. So I am trying to convince them to install additional panels, oversizing my inverter but they wont allow it...

I still dont understand why they cant install additional panels, which the inverter manufacturer have no problem

If they wont let me customize it I will be cancelling the order because seven other installers I got quotes from they have no problem customizing my system and/or oversiging my system.


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    because Tesla has fixed systems that they offer, design ready, you pick one and go. Honestly, way to go is with microinverters but Tesla does not offer that. too bad and hence I went with LG/local installer, better system and comparable price, plus 25-yr on everything warranty including labor.
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    Micro-inverters are better. Better optimized and better warranty...
    The 10kW inverter might have to do with the wiring size. 10 kW / 240V = 42 Amps. This would require a 50 Amps breaker to comply with code (80% load). They probably can't go above 50 Amps circuit due to city restrictions... I don't know...
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    thank you!
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    glad I went with LG and micriinverters, I get shading in east part of the panels first 3 hours of sunlight. if it were not microinvertes, my string would be dead with no production. here every panel produce and function independently.
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    We used a 3rd party Tesla-authorized installer for our solar panels & PowerWalls.

    We went with 44 350 W LG panels and Chilicon Power microinverters (one per two panels), and 4 PowerWalls.

    In trying to efficiently ramp up solar installations, Tesla may have gone too far to simplify the configurations - and if you're planning to include PowerWalls, recommend you get a proposal from at least one Tesla-authorized 3rd party installer.
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    I see some people saying that you can't customize the order. Before my order went tits up (cancelled for some unknown reason after they said PowerWalls were delayed until never), I had a few customizations added, including power optimizers (that others said were not available through Tesla). So some level of customization is certainly possible. Also, if you're planning power walls, plan a long wait to install.
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