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My Solar Roof Experience

Hi All,

I'm new to forum posting, though I could never count the hours spent reading. Historically a Toyota fan, but ever since I bought a Tesla, I'm not sure I'll ever buy another car brand.

I've been following the Tesla solar roof with great anticipation, since it was first announced. Subconsciously, I've probably delayed installing traditional solar on my home because of this fantasy of roof integrated product.

I have wanted to post more regularly about my experience (however career and family seem to get in the way). My intent is to do so going forwards, but full disclaimer, no promises.

One of the things that gave me pause in pulling the trigger was the 'early adopter/lack of info' nature of the choice. This is my brief summary regarding my experience so far.

The initial agreement was signed on Nov 12th.

There was a gap in communication here, but frankly, given the holiday timing, I was relieved.

Tesla made the initial designs available on 12/28, in my opinion both options presented were oversized for our needs.

It was easy to get in touch with our Advisor; she was able to answer all our questions and downsize the design to my expectations. She then sent it back to engineering for review and I was sent an updates spec sheet quickly.

By being patient, they were able to send an inspector insight the next morning. (this has to be an exception, not the norm)

About a week later, I received an email regarding the proposal. It was inline with my expectations from a price point, but the format and availability of information at this point was lacking, IMHO.

I followed up with the Advisor and again, excellent responsiveness and knowledge.

I was handed off to the Experience Specialist and he provided me an initial target date for the permit of 2/14.

Details have been excluded to try and provide some brevity. I'm happy to provide additional detail to anyone who is interested.

Can't wait to post some Before and Afters.

Service has been great, making process slowly but surely.

(and don't call me Shirley)


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    First Post, Solar Roof
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    Have they given you a target date for install?
    I placed my deposit in December and had my onsite survey this past Monday. Still waiting on the finalized proposal. I'm in no rush though.

    Similar to your experience, my advisor has been great. He gets back to me right away whenever I email him.
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    No target date yet on the instal, just on the permit. Hopefully there's not a big gap between the two.
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    Please...after living with your solar roof for a while, do post here with your full experiences with the process, and the system performance.
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