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Any UK specific opportunities for improvement?

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I wonder if anyone else has items like the below:

1) The voice recognition doesn't understand me. It thinks I say "cool" instead of "call" until I put on a fake American accent!
2) The car seems to prefer hugging the right side of a lane rather than the left. If I take a slip road that splits into two, until the markings are visible the car seems to dangerously veer into the right lane.
3) The car doesn't yet understand the variable speed limits on the M25 (where I spend most of my life), with the speed signs above the lanes.
4) The DAB integrations feels really lacking. The info is on just one short line, and truncated even though there's lots of room for more lines. It doesn't show images etc.
5) Lots of the suggestions (navigate to Palo Alto etc) are very American-themed - would be nice to have the vehicle's UI more localised.

Anything else?


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    I've spent a lot of time thinking about this, and have posted similar and more, but on reflection, after much consideration, what I want more than anything else is a Vicky Pollard mode as an Easter egg.
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    The more serious list is:

    - Controls easily within reach and not a stretch with your left hand (telephone interface and positioning of X on the pop up windows)
    - Variable speed limiter (as per your M25 comment)
    - Change the <= or >= in a line of code to reverse the way the cruise control currently works when set. It should default to the lower of your current speed or the GPS speed. The current behaviour is to use to the higher of your current speed or GPS speed where the car is exceeding what the car thinks is the speed limit - this would make driving on smart motorways and through roadworks so much easier and I strongly suspect that it is a change in just one bit of code.
    - Speed sign recognition (nice to have but not essential if we get the speed limiter and a fix to cruise control)
    - Recognise and speak in English
    - An English, rather than American, manual and help screens would be a nice touch
    +1 on the default lane behaviour. At exits and forks it should stay on the left lane. I drop it out of autopilot when a lane splits. It does seemed to have learnt arrows though.

    I can't do an American accent, so have stopped trying to do voice control. In a way I quite like the Americanisms, we don't really get American cars here so it's sort of cute. It's a reminder that the car is different as, in a very positive way, the handling and feel of the seat is very German, so it has a familiar feeling of quality.
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    Move the wheel in front of the left seat. I’m having a dickens of a time teaching all the way over to the right to steer...
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    You could replace Palo Alto with Cambridge in hono(u)r of Acorn Computers and the ARM processor, Sir Clive Sinclair etc.

    Or Manchester for the stored-program computer

    I assume that M25 variable speed limits will need FSD software running on Hardware 3.0
  • I'd like the car to emit a quiet, but polite tutting sound if the owner is, say, more than two minutes late for a scheduled departure……...
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    1. Voice recognition is really buggy since Christmas update, at least here in Europe. Latest 2020.4.1 update brings no improvement. My SC said, Tesla is still working on it.

    2. Blame it on Napoleon not having been able to cross the channel.

    3. We have those variable speed traffic signs in Belgium as well. Luckily, the related speed traps are not adapted. So no worry.
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    I totally subscribe to booshtukka’s and andy’s point of view and suggestions. But then of course, since I live on the “continent”, everything mirrored :)

    Especially booshtukka’s remarks about exits and forks. In it’s attempt to find the proper lane, the car is moving erratically and dangerously even for the traffic behind it.

    And about the max speed, after a change.. it sticks to what has been manually set before the change, resulting in constantly having to adjust the max speed manually. That’s annoying.

    One added thing : when on autopilot/steer, the max speed can only be adjusted +5 km/h above the perceived legal speed. This perceived speed is not always correct, so the autopilot/steer has to be disengaged, to avoid going too slow.

    Hopefully the Tesla boys and girls to recognise this and will surprise us with an update where all this has been addressed.
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    Navigate on Autopilot is a bit crazy. I don't know if this is just the UK or not, but it often wants to go into the fast lane even when there's other traffic around. Or will happily sit in the slow lane behind a 50mph lorry, instead of wanting to go into the faster lane.

    I often indicate to change lane, and despite there being no traffic, the car will start to manoeuvre, then freak out and go back to the first lane.

    But the most heinous crime in the UK - is it will happily undertake slower traffic. It's not strictly illegal, but it's very frowned upon, and could actually be classed as dangerous driving and get you a ticket.
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    @booshtukka : It’s not only the UK.. exactly the same behaviour can be observed in the EU. Undertaking is obviously no problem for the decision making routine. It will even happily push itself between two cars, if you’re driving on the middle lane of a multiple lane carriageway. And sometimes it decides to hit the brakes, all of a sudden. And yes, it will get you a ticket.
  • My thoughts:

    1. The emergency brake thing needs to be turned off, it's massively dangerous in the UK. Other non-tesla cars steer clear of my Tesla by such a margin on the motorway, its clearly happened before. The Model 3 struggles to place trucks on the monitor in the UK as the lanes are much tighter than in the USA. It then panics showing them red and performs an emergency stop. This is happening very often when the car should be in one click down cruise control. I don't need assistance driving, I know exactly where the trucks are thank you Tesla.

    2. My Model 3 has the opposite problem, it's pulling to left of the lane heavily when on self-drive, most UK cars (non self-drive) sit center or right of center when in a lane. The Model 3 is getting to close to them without reason. I often have to wrestle back control on the wheel. Its a shame, I was looking forward to using the feature more.

    3. I would like the default speed to all UK Motorway slip roads changed to 70mph. Let the driver reduce it if less. For example, when changing from M25 to M20 the Model 3 attempts to do 50mph for approximately 30m on the change over point. This is very dangerous as cars following me would not be expecting a sudden deceleration here. The Model 3 is doing this on almost every Motorway slip road or change over. When Tesla decelerates in cruise control using engine braking, there are no brake lights shown. Again cars behind will not expect or even have the opportunity to see the deceleration from 70mph.

    4. I would like the tolerances changed for the UK. Parking Stop at 10 inches is bonkers. I'd like it to say stop at 1 inch. On the road 10 inches to the side is not close, I'd like it to be geared at 3 - 4 inch that's UK close. Our parking spaces and lanes are much narrower than in the USA.

    5. It would be nice to be able to teach your own Tesla to drive, by monitoring your specific driving and then assimilating the style into the self-drive mode. Just a thought :)

    UK Model 3 Driver.
  • Hi Ezygiz
    Re your point 2
    My 2021 3 LR also favours the left side of the lane and I agree in the Uk most motorway drivers sit in the middle or right hand side of the lane. Whenever I engage autopilot the car jolts to the left hand side of the lane. It is then uncomfortable passing traffic on the left which gets dangerously close.
    Rather than put up with this, is there any kind of camera recalibration or alternative we can look into to get the car to sit centre / centre right ?

    Best wishes.
  • It doesn't sound like many of the observed issues are UK-specific other than the English 1.0 -vs- English 2.1.
    The driving issues (lane centering, overtaking lane changes, variable speed, etc) are more advanced than autopilot handles well yet, country independent.
    The English dialects will be challenging. After all, in English 2.1 (US English), we park on driveways and drive on parkways. How will AI ever figure that out?
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