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Where is the change log for 1.44.2?


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    Yup. I noticed that my two PWs had updated overnight on Jan 29-30th. I immediately went to the change log (available at the bottom of the main app screen), only to find that there was nothing there about 1.44.2. Surprised and disappointed, to say the least.

    The change log should be uploaded simultaneously with any firmware update. Any junior software designer knows that...
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    Gregbrew - please clarify where to find the change log. I don’t see it in either the mobile app or TEG portal. Thanks.
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    In the mobile app (at least, in Android), when you open the app, you're on the page that shows a PW and its charge on the side of a building with PV on the roof. Scroll all the way down to the bottom on that page, and below "POWER FLOW", "IMPACT", etc, there should be an indicator of how many PWs there are, your firmware version and a link to your serial number. If you click on the blue version number (indicating a link), you are taken to the "Software Updates" Topic page with the version release notes.
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    Ah - thanks. I thought the change log might be something different that the release notes.
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    As gregbrew described, it's at the very bottom of my iPhone app, under PowerFlow. Click on your version; mine is 1.44.3.

    !.43 is helpfully identified as supporting grid connections in Zimbabwe. (yes, Zimbabwe)
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    I was looking for evidence of changes that would fix problems with operation at low temps, less than 50F, as some have described.
    We're routinely at 40F and lower, but have not experienced any issues with taking a charge, or delivering charge.
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    Here we are now Feb 10 and still no version update. I have seen this take as long as 2.5 to 3 months to update back when it spawned a separate link to their website, so I wouldn't stress too much other than we users are left in the dark as to what enhancements/changes were made.
    And in looking today, they've added a chatbot to it, too? Yep, there's a 'button' to start a chat within the version support window linked to the version number at the bottom of the home screen.
    I wonder what's next?
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    Well, I guess they're just teasing/testing a new feature with the chat button as it's gone now.
    Very curious.... and shows a lack of maturity at their internal IT level.
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    lol - i’m now on 1.44.4 - still no change log!
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    I too went live to V1.44.4 yesterday. However the App release history only gives data up to V1.43, but their website only has details up to V1.41. Come on Tesla you can do better than this!
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    I had an issue were the PW's were not changing mode's as I told it to on the app. Customer Service told me he would download V1.44.4 for me as this was the issue that this version was gong to fix. Within an hour my walls updated to this firmware and all has been well since. I should note this was about 6 weeks ago before wide spread release.
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    1.45.1 - LOL - still no release notes.
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    Did TEG go out?
  • Mine is still version 1.45 cant find the firmware update portal to send it to my PW
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    There does not appear to be any mechanism to either STOP, or FORCE a PW firmware update.

    Why can't I control a piece of very expensive hardware THAT I OWN?!?
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