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Have Tesla Solar?, would you do it again?

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Am about ready to pull the trigger on purchasing solar panels and power walls.

Hoping to hear from some that have purchased them. Naturally, this forum, I'm sure there will be biased opinions. But hoping for some unbiased opinions.

1. Do the produce close to the KW amount Tesla provided in your estimate?
2. Do they work reliably?
3. Are you happy you purchased them?
4. If you had it to do over, was it worth it? Would you purchase them again? Meaning, are the savings off your electric bill more than the cost of the system, if you financed them?

5. Anything you think I should be asking but didn't.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    In retrospect I would not have spent so much time thinking about it. Tesla did a five star job by me. My system went live at the end of December 2019. I can’t get over how cool it is. Just do it.
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    Depending on how the inspection process is set up for your location and your grid providers paperwork requirements, be sure that the inspector is aware of both the panels and the power walls.
    I had an issue at final inspection in that my grid operator needed two separate permit sign-offs but only received one for the panels. Took an additional month to get it squared away. City inspector was an idiot.
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    My experiences with Tesla have been exemplary. Solar City installed the PV in late 2015, and Tesla did the PWs three years later. SC's production estimate was 8.4MWh/yr. On average, it's missed that value by less than 1%. Truly astonishing!

    If I had a poor service experience, I'd be angry and tell everyone about it here as well. I get it. I'm convinced that the vast majority of Tesla Energy customers have an exemplary experience, as I have, but that majority does not take the time to post here. When people's expectations are met, few crow about it.
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    Responses to 1-4 = yes.

    Response to question 5 would be completing all the normal due diligence one would conduct for any large purchase. Pricing comparisons, warranty confirmation, availability of local installation and support staff in your geo area, good references, etc.
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    1. No Reason: Sun angle. Hot summer desert days, efficiency goes down.
    2-4. Yes.
    5. Money sitting in a savings account was earning an insulting $2+ per month interest. Transferred some of the money to the roof for a complete solar system; savings on electric bill = many orders of magnitude increase in interest if that money was still in a savings account. A different way to look at increasing interest income while at the same time, helping the environment.
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    The install and performance was flawless. They did the whole job in a day and like magic I was making my own electric. Never had a problem. When I call customer service they answer quickly and the people are very knowledgeable.
    You save more than the cost but you also reduce your electric bill because the app educates you about usage. I turned down my water heater from 140 to 120 and hot tub down 2 degrees. I love the system. Good luck!
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