Cybertruck- Two or three motor?

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I have gotten in line for the two motor Cybertruck.
For a mare $20k more they will put another engine in it for me.
Can anybody help me to understand why I should upgrade?


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    "You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in late 2021. Tri Motor AWD production is expected in late 2021."

    What are they saying here?
    Does this suggest that the three motor will be built and delivered first?
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    Faster acceleration, much longer range.
  • 3-motor is better for towing large items long distances because of the bigger battery. The 1 and 2 motor should be fine for most normal uses.
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    I wonder if it changes you place in the wait line. Which ones will be delivered first. Possibly the 3 motor?
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    Its like buying a F350 to do the job of a MINI, but it will beat most supercars off the lights.
    And BRAGGING RIGHTS, I think that is the biggest benefit.
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    200 miles of range. thats why.
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    You would want the Tri-Motor if there was a NEED for more range, and more towing power.

    Late 2021 for tri-motor production, is what it says, literally. However, no real specifics of when the single or DMs will begin.

    In layman's terms, as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care. (Ordered the DM) For what we load/tow the DM will be fine, YMMV....
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    I'm getting the Tri-Motor for the range and extra power for off-roading. I'm hoping it will be produced first.

    When I pre-ordered, I thought "It's only money, I'll make it work. If not, I can always downgrade when it comes time to place my order". Now that it's paid for, I'll stick with the Tri-Motor. Thanks TSLA.
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    You will never be upset that you have more range.
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    Upgraded to three motor.
    I cashed out my Tesla position yesterday, so I have no financial reason not to go BIG.
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    There is a possibility that some specs may change before production if there is hardly any demand for a specific configuration it may default to the next level or some sort of compromise and consider there may be homegrown hop-up shops for these critters, I guarantee if enough Teslas are produced there will be unsanctioned shops pop up that can work on these vehicles.
    I started to order a dual motor, reality in the form of ten thousand extra dollars bit and plus the increase in the title tax, property tax, etc.
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    I hope they offer the 500 mile battery without the third motor for $10k less.
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