Someone just took a bath at 313.50, 1805, 2/11/20, then back to 780, whoops...

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watching the After and Pre.
Then another dip to 428 at 1825.
Then back to cruise at 780.

Is the market nervous, or just one or two major investors?


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    The sky is not falling. We dont deserve that. We are entitled. It wont happen to us.
    While its gone up to 784, I dont expect 800 today. It could be bath night.
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    Hope I am wrong. And andyconnor hopes I am wrong too.
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    lol wat, its still up pre-market. I did see that afterhours dip tho.
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    10:07 EST it's at $776
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    Wow!, and look. 8 days later and it's back over $915!
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    anyone with cerebral capacity knew the drop was temporary
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