AutoPilot and Bridges

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The AutoPilot in my Tesla doesn't seem to like bridges, for some reason. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
I generally use AutoPilot to and from work, as it's a straight shot on the interstate. Have been running AutoPilot for about five months and one thing is apparent with my car, it freaks out around bridges. Now I'm driving in the HOV lane so I am closest to the side of the bridge.
When it first happened, the car was about 25 feet before the bridge when it abruptly slams on the brakes, going from 65 to 35 in a matter of a second before resume driving, scaring the hell out of me and the truck behind me almost rear-ended me. It was a very hard brake slam. It hasn't been that bad since but at times....and it's random it doesn't do this every time it goes under a bridge but at times it will hit the brakes just before the bridge and then resume. Is anyone else seeing this?


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    Search the forum for “phantom braking” — plenty of threads about this. Search tips here:
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    63 to 35 mph in one second. Great brakes!!!!
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    Oops. 65 to 35....
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    I did experience that initially when a new bridge was constructed in our area, I think it was registering the speed limit below the bridge, but after a few months, I tried AP again and it was fine... speed went down from 72 to 70, very negligible...
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    If there was a car crossing the bridge as you approached then I have seen this occur, otherwise it tends more minor slow down. This is likely caused because the forward radar picks up the car in the path, so car thinks it needs to slow down to avoid a collision.
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