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Tesla reneging on referral program obligations

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I posted this on the mod 3 forum as well.

I am a huge fan of Tesla. I bought both the model X and the model S preproduction and waited a long period of time for delivery. I think they make the best car on the road and I have been a large ambassador for the company. I have had 6 friends and relatives buy the car based on my introduction to the vehicle, some of whom cited me for the referral program. As a result of the program Tesla owes me a wall charger and have acknowledged that I have one coming but it has been over 6 months of them telling me they are not in stock and please be patient.

The other day I called the sales department and they said they could have one on my doorstep in 5 - 8 days if I buy one. I am building a fact almost finished and my electrician and carpenters want it installed yesterday. MY question anyone else having this dismissive response related to referral program obligations?

I've written 5 or 6 polite emails and a few phone calls and run around prevails.

Not happy.


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    Regardless of how you are building your home your electrician can run the wiring and terminate the ends for your chargers with a box for inspection and final certification. Later after the fact the chargers can be installed after the house is finished as long as your electrician did everything correctly which he most likely won't.

    I know this since I've also had a home built and had the builder and electrician run all the wiring prior to finishing the home and up to a full year before I even had the chargers ready for installation. I've lived in the house a whole year with the lines terminated into boxes with no issues and passed all inspections.

    With regards to referral program I can't help you there.
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    “Where’s my free stuff!!”
    Smh! You don’t deserve it.
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    From my perspective, the referral program wasn't sustainable for quite some time. I realize you're talking about a wall charge that is a small fraction of some of the cars that Tesla has given away but by in large, the overall program was not something that could remain profitable in the long run give Tesla's margins.

    Sucks that you're having to wait for your charger when you can buy one, perhaps you buy one, have it installed and when your "free" charger comes you sell that one. Probably not what you were looking for in an answer but I think we can all agree that any program that allows a $35K car go towards the credit towards a $250K car just isn't sustainable in the long run.

    Hopefully you get what's coming to you soon, but just buy one now and eventually you will get your referral charger and you can sell that later for at least what you paid for you new one.
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    Tesla is one of the top best companies of the world related to cars. I also have a tesla company car and I love this car. I also buy one for my wife which I going to gave her on her birthday. I always recommend my friends to buy this company car. And I am very much happy to read the article related to this company here.
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    You can find the Installation Instructions for the Tesla Wall Connector here on the Tesla site and your electrician can run wiring from your panel to your garage and terminate in a box for now. The Walll Connector can then be very easily installed. Essentially you just need them to run a 240-v, 60-amp circuit out to your garage. I'm don't recall whether or not you can use more than a 60-amp circuit for the car but with that circuit, you'll actually pull no more than 48-amps to the car and charge at about 34-miles of range per hour which I have found works just fine.
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    It is possible / likely that delays in shipping Wall Connectors may have something to do with the fact that Tesla recently released their new "Version 2" Wall Connector which has many more features than the one I purchased in 2018. When they say they can ship one immediately if you buy it, might mean that they have the older version in stock and that is what they'll sell you for immediate shipment. If I were you, I'd wait for them to ship you the newest version even if you don't use all of the new functionality.
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