New car, old software, no voice commands

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I’ve had my Model 3 for over a week now. The door jam indicates a Feb 2020 factory date (they tell me Feb 3). However, it’s running 2019.35.106 software.

Is it normal for a brand new car to have this old software at delivery? I’m reading about 2020.4 all over the place. I have selected Advanced software updates.

When I took a test drive I had full FSD visualization. I guess I won’t have that until a software update, but that’s frustrating since it’s a brand new car. (I did purchase FSD on my Model 3 dual motor)

Any idea how long I should expect to wait for an update? I’ve been on strong WiFi since delivery day, but nothing yet.

Also, Voice Commands don’t work at all. It’s very good at voice recognition, but any command results in “Try Again”. A reboot did not resolve this issue. I’m also hoping this will be addressed in a software update as well.

Anyone able to shed any light for me?



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    As for my goofy forum name, I’ll have no idea how to customize or change it!
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    You need both WiFi and LTE coverage where you park to get updates. Do you have both? The voice command issue sounds like it’s related to poor connectivity, so that might be related to you software update issue.

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    I do have great LTE coverage at my house. I have full signal from AT&T on my iPhone X. Still, no updates.

    I discovered this morning that "Navigate to [address]" does work, but that appears to be the only Voice Command that works. Is speech recognition performed locally or sent to the cloud? The recognition is working fine. I can say things like "Open the Glove Box" and it is properly recognized and displayed on the screen, but it simply does nothing and says "Try Again".

    Thanks for the tip on the forum username - all set there now :)
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    You need cell and WiFi at your house, more specifically your car has to be connected to the WiFi network. From your OP sounds like you have done that but just in case I mentioned it.

    I did try quite a few voice commands on 2020.4.1 (2016 S 90D) that didn’t work, the response was something like ‘not supported yet’ or something similar. Also, for me voice commands work best when hitting the button and releasing it, then saying the command.

    FWIW- My car didn’t update at my house sitting in the garage for days but as soon as I got to work it had an update. Didn’t notice if it had been downloading before that, but I wonder if all the energy savings stuff I have set on my S kept it asleep and it got the update because it was awake when I got to work? I dunno.

    Like puberty, it will happen sooner or later and your car will never be the same.
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    Yeah - I have very strong WiFi (EERO in the garage) and full signal from AT&T indicated both on my iPhone (AT&T) and on the vehicle display. Still - it sits at 2019.35.106. Tesla cancelled my service appointment request on the topic. I guess I just wait and hope for the best soon...
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    I'm having the same issue. I called Tesla today and they told me I just need to wait. They were not able to tell me when. I just find it strange that older vehicle's have new software and a 2020 does not
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    Just picked up my car 2 days ago and it has software 6 weeks old on it (2020.12.11.1). Current is 2020.20.12 and I really want to get at least 2020.16 in for the USB formatting as manual formatting with MBR/FAT32 and adding the root folder TeslaCam is just not working.
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    @john: You don’t need to use MBR when formatting, though it shouldn’t matter. What are you using to manually format the drive and how big is it?
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