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No more powerwall feature?

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Perhaps I'm just confused, but previously (a day or two ago) when I would go to the website and choose Small, Medium, or Large for solar panel, it would suggest 1, 2 or 3 powerwalls as part of the installation. A little checkbox, do you want?

Now, I don't see that anymore. Wondering if it is removed because of tax credit stuff?

(Edit) I was told Tesla can still add on powerwalls but it would be a separate order.

Anyone notice or have thoughts?


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    They must have run out of them again. They are also not listed for a solar glass roof.
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    If you're planning on later adding PWs to a PV installation, let them know during the planning phase of the PV project. Some decisions on the specifics of the PV installation could make the PW installation easier down the road.
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    If I had it to do over, I would TAKE A SCREENSHOT of each page I consented to!

    Off topic, but I can post these comments, but I see no way to originate a new Topic!
    Am I missing something? Thanks.
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    They still have them. Just changed the ordering process. Before, you could add them to a solar order. Now, they want them to be separate orders. Understandably so. Reason being, many are choosing the "subscription" option for the Solar panels and buying the Power Walls. No subscription offered for power walls.

    Also, the options were too limited. If you tried to order solar, it gave you the option to add a specific number of power walls, with no ability to change the number of power walls. For me, I only wanted two power walls, but the only option to add it to my solar wall, was for three of them.

    So, it just cleans up the process and separates the two transactions to give you a lot more freedom in setting up the actual package that you want.

    I just confirmed my order today. Subscription on the Large Solar Panels and separate purchase of two power walls.
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    Except... They were also giving a $9,500 credit for buying the solar and the powerwall together (at least for the extra large solar and powerwalls). When you buy them separately, you don't get that. Luckily, it looks like I placed my order on the last day they had that.
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    If you want both, just place a Solar Panel order, then when they reach out to you, tell them you want to add power walls. Discount isn't much if you just get two power walls. But the third power wall ends up being about $1,500 if you get a third. That's on a "large" solar system. Apparently, per SteveWin1, it's more of a discount for the extra large system.

    Tesla just needs to revise the website options so buyers can be more selective. They want to have everyone do everything online. But, the Solar setup, they're obviously still sorting out the kinks. At some point, I'm sure they'll make it where you can order solar and power walls together again while at the same time, being able to select how many power walls you want, not what they think you want.
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    Actually, I'm not so sure about them being "still available". I had an order placed in AZ for a medium install with powerwalls and was working through some approvals already. I received a call from a PowerWall advisor on Wednesday saying that they were canceling the powerwall portion of my order, adding me to a backlog and that they had no anticipated delivery date beyond "some time in fall" (Which is weird... because you would *think* that they would just delay my install and not cancel the PW portion). My order was originally placed in October or November of last year.
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    And in case anyone wants to go all "are you sure?", here is the email follow up I requested from the Advisor:

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I understand that you do not wish to install solar without Powerwall at the same time.

    To ensure we are aligned with the next steps if you decide to proceed, I have recapped our conversation below.

    Next Steps:

    1. Remove Powerwall from your project to allow for the installation of your solar panels now.
    2. Tesla will create a No Deposit reservation for you, honoring any current discounts and installation price if you decide to proceed with the split installation.
    3. If you would like to finance the Powerwall, it will be a separate loan and credit check that will have different terms and conditions (10 year @ 5.99%)
    4. We are offering a $250 incentive if we can install your solar panels before March 31, 2020.
    5. Current timeline for Powerwall installation is Fall 2020.

    Best Regards,

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    So the problem is they are behind on PowerWall orders - so they removed the PowerWalls from the website to encourage people to quickly install solar and not wait for PowerWalls.

    Would have been better for them to keep the PowerWalls on the same order, install the solar panels immediately and then defer installation of the PowerWalls until they are available.

    Though... Without the PowerWalls, if you aren't on a solar buyback plan, you won't get the full benefit of the solar panels until the PowerWalls are installed, including using the system for backup.
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    Yeah, they did the same to me. I had a Solar+PW order in progress and they cancelled the PW portion, saying they had no more stock for the PW. Which is OK (I'm still installing solar) but no more access to the bundle discount. In terms of technology I'm OK waiting for a PW with the snazzy new battery tech but not so happy about the loss of the bundle discount.

    Still, Tesla solar panels are nearly half the price per watt compared to the other four solar companies that I asked for pricing from, so overall I'm still pleased about the product offering.
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    Well, for some reason they ended up cancelling my whole order (with no explanation) and my advisor has gone totally radio silent. Anyone else having a bunch of trouble ordering?

    My original order was place in October of last year and I had to hound them for weeks to even get a response. Eventually got a new Advisor, but it seems I am back to square one again. All the other companies I have been calling locally have been ****WAY**** more responsive and supportive. And prices all around weren't too dissimilar.
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    Wondering if it is removed because of tax credit stuff?
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    A solar system with no battery makes no sense at all. You can't use it at night...gotta use the grid, and if there's not much sun, you'll wind up on the grid.during the day.
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    Except that the system will pay for itself in about eight years, and then after that, (for at least the next twelve years) your energy is free. Plus, your transportation fuel is free, too, if you've got an EV. What part of that do you not understand, Jeff?
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    @gregbrew, where do you live that this is true? Where I live, it would not. Due to sellback rates, demand charges, and lack of net metering, a solar-only install probably wouldn't pay for itself in 15 years. I did the math and the only way I could get a reasonable payback was to frontload with a system that was massive overkill for what I wanted/needed (to avoid peak demand charges). SO YEAH, if I buy an XLarge (at 35-40K) then maybe it will pay itself off in 8 years. This is why Tesla hasn't rolled out the rental program everywhere. There are a lot of areas where Solar doesn't make great economical sense.

    ALSO... I see tons of people on here complaining about their systems being down for weeks (if not months) on end. Where I'm at it would probably cost me an additional 400-500 a month (over my traditional electric bill) if my solar went down for a prolonged period and Tesla wouldn't/couldn't repair it.
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    @TeslaTechie - And in some areas, like Hawaii, the payback can be as little as 18 months. Part of that is an additional credit the state provides. Here in CA, the payback is 3-4 years. There are so many variables, you have to see what makes sense for you. Electrical rates vary dramatically across the country which affects the payback rate. I expect in some places, it makes very little sense.

    Also consider the addition of solar adds value to your house, so when you sell, you may get more than an identical house without solar. Around here, most get 100% of the cost of the solar system when they sell - even if it's entirely paid for itself with electricity savings. I'm not trying to sell you on solar, but figuring its value is far from easy.

    Not sure about tons with prolonged issues, it seems there are a few - similar to any product. Very few come to a forum to tell it's working fine. P.S. Mine is fine.
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    Be aware that those residences where they have a solar lease or even a PPA, the PV system can be seen as a *liability* during a sale.
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