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Which interior mats?

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I have the carpet mats that came with the Premium interior. I like them pretty much but have been looking at the plastic ones that Tesla (and others) sell. Tesla has 2 types, one is internally designed and four pieces and the other appears to be a Weathertec design that is 3 pieces.

Anyone have experiences with these or others?



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    I replaced the mats in my M3 LR AWD with Weather Tech, front ,rear, and trunk. I didn't get one for the frunk since it's already plastic. The mats are high quality and fit perfectly. They weren't cheap, but I'm happy with my purchase.
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    I have the Tesla 4-piece and like them. Good fit, don't move around, and seem durable.
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    I believe the Tesla ones are made by WeatherTech also. They were the only ones available when I bought them so I have the Tesla branded ones. Haven’t had any problems with them. I believe the Tesla ones are cheaper too. Can’t go wrong with either one! I know some people have the Tesmanian ones too, which seem to be another popular option.
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    Ah just saw you referenced the two Tesla ones. One is a floor mat and one is a floor liner. I prefer the liners because they come up higher to trap any potential spills. It also helps keep all the junk inside the liner when removing it to clean.
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    I purchased the Maxpider liners for my Model 3. I have the original carpet mats that came with my Model 3 but these Maxpiders are SO much easier to keep clean and protect the inside better too. They are 3D cut to fit the space exactly. My problem with the Weathertech mats is they look like they belong in an offroad vehicle. Too busy. The Maxpiders are less in your face looking and just blend in nicely.
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    We purchased some right after we bought the car in October. Winter in NW Ohio sucks and they weren't handling the abuse as well. I did some research and decided on the Tesmanian floor liners and love them (link below)! so easy to clean! The price was reasonable.

    Also do a search for Tesmanian Coupon Codes - you should find one for 20% off.
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    I went with the Evannex ones -

    While these don't have the high sides and won't handle slushy boots and pools of meltwater, I didn't want my car looking/feeling like a Subaru - my wife already has one, and that car gets the dirty jobs (RIP my Jeep Wrangler). I also like the look of these in the frunk and trunk. Won't hit everyone's needs, but I like them.
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    I installed the Tuxmat on my Model 3 today. They look sharp and have a very good coverage area. The interior mats i bought from Amazon and the trunk and frunk i bought from Tuxmat. I did not see the trunk/frunk on Amazon.
  • I originally stated, that being in the snowy NE, the Weathertech was my choice and fit well on my 2020 MX. Near my first full winter with them, I am not so sure and here is why. The front mats are starting to miss-shape and not hug the curves. The second row blocks the heat flow. The rear compartment one is fine. Options are that I replace (looking for other options) or get the box cutter out to allow heat flow under the front seats. Any input is welcomed. thx
  • Tesla branded liners are just superb. Very good fit.

    I have these and am satisfied with them.
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