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Dash Cam USB Drive Problem

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I removed the USB stick to empty it. I reinserted the USB stick and the Dash Cam symbol did not come up on the MCU.

I erased and reformatted the USB stick on my home computer and reinserted it back into the USB slot in our Model X.

Still no Dash Cam.

Any ideas on what else I could do to bring Dash Cam back?


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    The drive may be damaged. You have to turn off the dashcam and wait 5-10 seconds before removal. If not, a small percentage of the time it can destroy the drive with random writes occurring as power is lost. This is not Tesla's fault, but the way the drive is designed.

    Let's assume the drive is ok. Did you format for FAT32? NTFS and exFAT are not usable. After format, did you create a folder "TeslaCam" in that exact case? If not, nothing will work.

    Here's my entire list of troubleshooting solutions:
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    So there were two steps I did NOT do:

    I did not turn off the Dash Cam before removing the USB drive.
    I did not create a folder named "TeslaCam."

    Instead what I did was yank out the USB drive from its slot with no ceremony, and I mistook naming the USB drive itself TeslaCam with naming a folder, TeslaCam.

    Thanks to you, all missteps above corrected. Providentially, the USB was not destroyed through my hamfistedness and my Dash Cam is back up and running.

    Thanks again.
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    @avesraggiana - Glad it's working. You're not the only one who's set the volume name instead of creating a folder. A few others have done the same thing!
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