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Free Supercharging at Williams and Red Bluff (California)?

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Exactly two weeks ago, my wife and I drove her Model 3 to Weed (we live in San José). We had Supercharging sessions in Williams and Red Bluff, both of which are advertised as 250 kW. We also charged in Mount Shasta (150kW) right before arriving in Weed. The charge for Mount Shasta posted immediately to my Tesla account, and I also received a notification on my iPhone (Apple Card). We also Supercharged in Williams on the way back to San José. The two charging sessions in Williams, and the one in Red Bluff, have yet to show up in my Tesla account, and there has been no charges posted, even pending, on my Apple Card. Both are rated at 250 kW, but I was getting less than 150kW for all three sessions. My wife's Model 3 has the latest software (2020.40.1), so it is capable of 250 kW Supercharging. Any ideas why I have not yet been charged? Could it be that they were (temporarily?) incapable of delivering 250 kW?


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    I can't say why some don't appear but I just came back from a 5500 mile road trip and can tell you that one didn't appear at all in Austin, TX and I got two free charging sessions one in Amarillo ,TX and one in Lima, OH on the way back.

    The charge rate is affected by lots of factors but mostly SOC and battery temperature matter most.

    To get 250kW charging rate you most likely need to plug in with a nice warm battery and around 5% SOC
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    Could be fire country freebies
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    Makes sense.
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