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How do you wash your Tesla? I have Model S purchased in Aug 2019. I have been hand washing it myself until now, but about to be tired to this process. The duration between two washes is getting longer and longer :)
Any body harm in taking it to standard car wash places?
Any recommended place in MidCities (DFW) area?
What's the best way to clean seats?


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    i just bought this stuff for all interior cleaning, including seats:

    Works great! No touch car washes are getting harder and harder to find in the Austin area. Most have been replaced with Light Touch washes but those have the spinning things that whack against the paint. For now I have been hand washing or using those places where you use the high pressure hose to clean the car. I also bought a product called F11 Top Coat for the paint. It's kinds like a ceramic coating, whereas it fills in the cracks and canyons within the paint, making it harder for dirt to get into the paint. This has helped a lot with cleaning the car as dirt just wipes right off.
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    I just started taking it to car washes. I couldn't deal with handwashing. I turn off the auto-wipers and I haven't had any issues!
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