Navigate on Autopilot on I4 in Orlando

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with NoA going through downtown Orlando on I4?

It starts to tell me to get off onto surface streets and right back on I4 and radically resetting cruise speed, all while I am still on I4 headed north from Kaley to Ivanhoe.


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    Yep! I get it all the time right around Holy Land heading westbound. NOA wants me to exit the offramp then re-enter I-4. It also slows down to 40mph and speeds right back up to 55 once I clear the overpass.
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    I kind of thought it was that construction is shifting lanes so far that it thinks we moved to a surface street. Hopefully it will resolve itself when I4 construction ends.
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    I never use NoAP in construction zones. Too unpredictable
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    For some reason...and it always happens right around the Conroy/I-4 exit...NOAP wants to take me up the ramp...then down the ramp and back onto I-4. Hmmmmm.........
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    I have had that happen a few times between Kirkman and 434, mostly downtown. Hopefully it is all construction related.
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    I think you're right...there's a new lane that just opened up...and the NOAP mapping shows a funky off ramp/back on ramp/go off ramp again route. Typically, if I'm on I-4 heading towards Disney from downtown, I'll stay off NOAP until I get past Sand Lake. There's also a fairly dangerous autopilot problem just before you saddle alongside the Sand Lake off ramp login west - there's an older white line that is somewhat faded in the middle of the lane. It's only about 5 meters long...but it's enough to throw the car off course and jolt back and forth. It never strays completely outside of the lane, but it does struggle for a moment or so.
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    Same issue on the Turnpike between I4 and Clermont/50 - all related to the repaving. The car sees the old line and sometimes reacts to it.
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