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New Roof -- panel headache?

Our roof leaks terribly and we're replacing it soon, so our 8 panels need to be removed for the work & reinstalled afterward.

I've heard nothing positive about Tesla's customer service for energy products so am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and can speak to the difficulty of removing and reinstalling.

Do I absolutely have to have Tesla involved? Can I have any solar professional do the job? Can me and a few buddies do it? (It's a flat roof, so makes the removal simple)



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    For any items under warranty - you will probably have to work with the manufacturer and original installers to ensure any work done on the solar panels won't invalidate your warranty.

    We used a Tesla-approved 3rd party installer for our solar panels and PowerWalls. The solar panels & microinverters have 25 year manufacturer warranties. Our installer provides a 25 year roof leak warranty. If we did any work on the roof impacting any of these items, it's likely we'd want to make sure we weren't invalidating the 25 year warranty...

    If Tesla did the original installation - probably should check with them first. And if they insist on having a Tesla-approved crew work on the solar panels - and Tesla can't provide support in a reasonable time, see if they have an approved 3rd party installer you can use.

    Doubt they'll provide warranty support for non-professionals re-roofing and doing anything with the panels.
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    My contract (written in mid-2015) stipulates that Tesla will remove and re-install my 5kW array for a $500 flat rate. That being said, somebody else here reported that yes, Tesla agreed to do it...about eight months in the future, and they had to find a spot to store the panels and hardware.

    Check your contract, and if you find such a provision there, great, but don't expect it to happen any time soon, or be terribly convenient.

    Hiring a private party to do it would probably void your warranty with Tesla.
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    Tesla has the worst customer service when it comes to solar panels. In 2018 a tree fell on our roof that damaged a couple of panels. I called Tesla multiple times, submitted photos and did all the paperwork. But they never sent the crew to replace those two panels. Finally, at the time of the Powerwall installation, I had to hold their payment of Powerwall to come and replace those two panels. This weekend I discovered that my roof is leaking and I am in need of re-roofing. Tesla is giving me their standard answer. They do not have the ability to do this project and I should hire a third-party installer. If they do it for $499, I will have to wait till mid-summer. By that time it will be too late for my urgent job. Unfortunately in my case, I have 52 panels.
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    Hi jmmcfarla, I'm a reporter working on an article about solar roofing and solar panels for Consumers' Checkbook Magazine. If you'd like to tell me about your experience, email me at [email protected]
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