Model 3

front USB ports not working

Just discovered that the 2 front USB slots are not working and Worst of all this resulted in damaged 2 of my USB flash drives as my PC couldn't even recognize them. Any idea ? This happened mid January , is this anything to do with the new update ??


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    Not working in what way - no power, or no data? If you’ve been using USB flash drives for TeslaCam, your drives have probably been destroyed by the heavy write cycles; you need to use SD for that.
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    As bp said, don't use flash drives for teslacam - they just aren't meant for it. You can use an SSD with a USB adapter or, I just use a SD card designed for video surveillance writes. Look for "high endurance". I believe I bought one of these:

    You then buy something like this and plug it into USB and use it just like a usb flash drive:

    Having said that, I have also gotten my front USB ports into a state of being shut off by the car by using a raspberry pi as my dashcam recorder (more complicated stuff there). It seems to do this when you plug in a device and it is unable to identify it because the device is not working properly. You have to reset your system by holding both of the steering wheel buttons, and it should work fine after.
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    July 2020 - X-75 Upgraded HW, Latest 2020.20.12 Now Neither front USB port having power. Nothing to do with USB drive (doesn't recognize that there is one), since they no longer power the phone, e.g.
    Appt scheduled, will let others know outcome.
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    I had problems with mine also. First they were intermittent, and then finally cutout. I had mobile service come and replace them. No issues anymore.
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    I have had the same problem now going on third repair. New M3 May/2020.
    Using Samsung Pro Endurance SD Card formatted to FAT32 with folder named TeslaCam.
    Stopped working the 1st time, did not recognize usb and no power to charge phone. Mobile service replaced front hub/ports....worked for 2 days (dashcam and phone charge). Went dead agin.
    Scheduled service at center for more elaborate troubleshooting. Replaced front hub/ports again and nothing else other than ring out wires from hub to battery. Worked for 2 days, then dead again.
    Have mobile service appt again for July 13, 2020.
    The SD card is fine, not corrupted. I have removed it (after power-down) to re-format and it is still recognized by my laptop computer.

    I can't believe this is constantly breaking......
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    I had the problem a while ago, but it was fixed by rebooting and has not come back.
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    Hi canndoit55, did Tesla say what the issue was when they replaced the front USB ports? My Model 3 was picked up March 2020 and they would cut out when Super Charging, then later start working again. Now that we have temps in the 90's in upstate NY they cut out when the cabin gets too hot (even in Vent mode) with the M3 parked in the sun,
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    @Blue Photon - Are you using a stick-type USB flash drive? Most are rated for 140F max, and are not designed for vehicle use. They often work, but high temperatures, such as a parked car in the sun, can stop the drives from working. Most drives generate heat and run about 20F above ambient. Only micro-SD cards are rated for vehicle temperatures and can handle up to 185F.
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