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AutoPilot - warning - complete stop on highway

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This morning I was driving on a highway which had morning traffic. As in the past, when I hit traffic I put it into autopilot. The traffic became very heavy and I was stopped --- all of a sudden I see a flashing red warning on the screen indicating I should take over, so I grab the wheel and then the car went into park and my hazard lights went on - all by itself. I tried to put it in drive but it would not go into drive and I sat there parked on the highway with my flashers on. This would have been fine temporarily except the traffic started moving again. By pushing in the park button I was able to get it back into drive. I wasn't sure what caused this but subsequently about a half mile ahead there was a warning sign to switch lanes to avoid an accident that was blocking two of the three lanes.
Has anyone else come across this? Is it possible it detected the accident ahead?


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    What most likely happened is that you ignored repeated nags to put your hands on the wheel, which results in exactly the behavior you described. Were you not paying attention while AP was engaged?
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    You must have been mistaken for unconscious. Pretty hard to achieve.
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    On a big empty part of the turnpike (FYI - it is all empty at 4AM) - I tested to see what would happen when I ignored the reminders and then took over when the red steering wheel flashed. It let me resume control and continue driving, BUT punished me by not allowing me to switch to full self driving again for that entire trip.
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