Anyone looking for the 2020 Roadster I have one I don't want rather have $

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2020 Roadster message me if interested as I have my Founders Reserved but would rather sell it.

Save some money on a deposit and get it from me instead of putting $250,000 down with Tesla.

I will also discount $10,000 off the price!

Tesla Dave


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    Mmmmm hmmm.
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    You must be a Nigerian prince?
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    Not at all, I am located in the Boston area and have had tesla cars since the original roadster. I am actually one of the North East largest buyers of Tesla cars. Simply call Dedham or Natick and ask about Tesla Dave.

    I have the car reserved if interested please contact me.
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    This seems fishy.
    Why don't you just cancel your reservation and get your money back instead of loosing $10,000?
    With the mofel 3 you couldn't sell reservations so I doubt Tesla would go for this..
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    Because I earned the car from the rewards program and I have no money down to get back. If not interested please do not comment allow those who are to contact me and or Tesla to confirm.
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    I will be getting the car first so tesla has no say what I do with it after delivery.
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    @davidhtesla: OK, this finally makes sense. You have to admit it sounds too good to be true, so people are right to question its veracity. Would have helped to have mentioned the circumstances in the first place.
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    When did you reserve it?
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