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I live in Fayetteville, and I am Sig #495 and have been given a delivery schedule of Sept 28-Oct 8. I have seen a few comments on other forums from others in NC, and was wondering what the Tesla "family" looks like in NC. How many Model S or Roadsters are there in our state? Maybe this can be a place for information on charging stations and other relevant issues for Teslas in North Carolina.


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    The map is here and you can add your information to it: http://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=295135
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    I am #11,601 in model S production, and live in Cary, NC.
    From the map application, it appears three are two signature models in The Triangle, and four non-signature models thus far.
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    My Signature S #949 is on the carrier and should be unwrapped at my office on the 28th... Doesn't appear on the map? Look forward to my first trip around the beltline.
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    I live in Raleigh and just had mine delivered today. Signature P1208, black with white interior. Love the car but the internet/navigation is not connected at this point.
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    Congratulations to all the new Model S owners in NC. We are approaching the 2 month mark with ours, and have loved every minute of driving (over 2700 miles so far). I have never had a car that turns heads like this one. Get used to people asking you a lot of questions.
    It is an amazing car to drive!
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    I live in Cary and had a chance to test drive the 85KW in DC last Thursday. I wrote a short story about my experience, http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/11487-My-Story
    It is an amazing car. I plan to order the 60K version. It's good to see there are few of us in NC. We should talk more about our driving experience in the near future. James
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    I live in Charlotte and have P#1726 Reservation. I am being told that it will be delivered before year end but have my doubts based upon time for delivery to NC. I will let you know if I receive updated delivery information. Regards.
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    I am P517 and am not in the map either.
    Black car with black interior.
    I live in South Raleigh between Garner and Cary.
    Delivery date will be between Dec. 15-30th.

    May be travelling up to Canada with it for Christmas if I get it in time.

    Excited to see that our Tesla Service Center should be available around March.

    Need to install my NEMA 14-50 outlet first, but soon I'll post it on Plugshare and ChargePoint.

    I'd love to organize a drive with a bunch of us in the new year.
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    I am on the map, in West Cary. 85kwH, panoramic roof. Paperwork is signed, and they are "Building my Model S". Delivery in "Early" 2013.
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    P10768 just finalized the configuration, delivery in Feb/Mar 2013. I would love to meet other owners in the area.

    I posted it in the main form by accident, but saw a Black Model S on route 87 between WakeForest and Raleigh, looked great.
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    adeel, I live in Cary. It looks like we have a few Tesla reservations here in Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Durham/Cary region. I suspect we couldn't wait to see our Model S. I love to meet with other owners in the region and share our driving experience, may be Summer of 2013?
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    Got my P85 (black w/grey) a few weeks ago. Live in Brier Creek near RDU. Would love to meet other 'S'ers.

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    My Tesla arrives in June 2015, would like to hear of others experience with their cars.
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    Cary and just got my M3. free charging around here at certain places is wonderful
  • Would love a supercharger in Winston Salem or Wilkesboro. I will get a little nervous in the fall/winter driving from Edenton to Blowing Rock without one at one of these two places.

    BTW, There are a lot of Teslas driving around here Edenton/Elizabeth City. Makes me very happy!!
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