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Battery Degradation in Model 3

Anyone else out there have serious battery degradation in their Model 3?  I purchased my car brand new 16 months ago and currently have 18,000 miles on it and the degradation percentage is 12.5% and dropping.  If you don't mind posting your data it would be helpful in having Tesla look into this serious issue.  

NOTE:  Most of the information is available in the Tesla Mobile app.

MODEL:  Performance AWD (PERFAWD), Long Range AWD (LRAWD), Long Range RWD(LRRWD), Mid Range RWD(MIDRWD), Standard Range RWD (STANRWD), Standard Range Plus RWD (STAN+RWD)
DDATE:  Delivery date of vehicle (month/year)
ODOMETER:  Current Odometer (miles)
RANGE: Charge vehicle to 100% overnight (miles)
CHARGE: Type of daily charging method (AC120v, AC240v, DCSuperCharger)
FIRMWARE:  Firmware version (version)

My Information:  (Suggest copying and pasting yours below)
DDATE: 12/18
ODOMETER:  18207
RANGE: 282
FIRMWARE: 2020.4.1

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    YAY another battery degradation thread!
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    How did you determine this degradation?

    If your answer is the "estimated range" metric, you are not correct please research further.
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    Winter temperatures skew results. Do this again in August, please. Things will be better.
    Tesla warranties the battery and will replace if faulty. There are multiple threads here about it and
    the wisest conclusion is "just drive, don't worry about it".
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    I come here for the battery degradation threads
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    Just a couple days ago Fish said :
    I suppose one could make the case that it is not meaningless, just useless for determining remaining useable range in battery. -fish

    Today he points people to third party apps that use the number in question to determine battery range.
    Either the number is useful or useless. Not both.
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    @djharrington - I miss the days of you tearing apart your steering wheel to provide useful info here.
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    Third party apps that claim to measure degradation of battery are all bogus, why?

    None of them will stand by your side to use their data to file claim against Tesla.

    Bullshito defacto demenstato
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    And they can't measure degradation. You have to be close to the car to measure.
    They calculate it with numbers, one of which fishy claims is useless for measuring range.
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    @hokie: it was definitely fun opening things up back then. Having a 3 in the early days made me feel a sense of duty to provide some [hopefully] useful data. Now they are everywhere so people can tear things apart themselves :)
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    @djharrington | February 25, 2020
    @hokie: it was definitely fun opening things up back then. Having a 3 in the early days made me feel a sense of duty to provide some [hopefully] useful data. Now they are everywhere so people can tear things apart themselves :)
    I couldn't believe it when you opened up that steering wheel back then, Model 3s were special and it felt like sacrilege that you took it apart :)) Thank you
    Not in the same league, but it was fun to answer questions on the forum early on - the forum was quite easy going back then.
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    The remaining charge displays as percentage (reasonably accurate) or mileage remaining (an estimate).
    Dividing mileage remaining by percentage remaining is a resonably approximation of maximum range in good conditions. My data:
    DDate 7/18 LR RWD with advertised 310 mile range.
    After 44800 miles and normal charging between 70 - 40% with AC240V estimated range is normally 310-315 miles,
    sometimes as high as 325.
    Or, estimated range by dividing my round trip commute miles by percentage used is typically 340 miles.
    For me, no worries about degradation. At all.
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    Hey pwambach!

    You omit the single biggest factors affecting battery degradation. Location and temperature.

    I live in Northern California and my (August '18) battery still charges to 310. If you live in a place that is frosty in the winter, you should simply wait until later Spring and be pleasantly surprised.

    Range degradation happens to ICE cars as well in cold and freezing temperatures.
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    Ignore anything stated by FISHEV and he is an anti-Tesla troll who posts purposely incorrect information to user questions. Refrain from directly engaging him to limit the amount of bullshit please.
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    “ Battery degradation is not the same as range loss ”

    Fish is like a broken 24 hour clock: coincidentally right .07% of the time.
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    Your Honor I submit that with modern clocks equipped with a second hand the plainly guilty defendant is only right 1/86400th of the time.
    Jack is hereby remanded to the Bailiff.
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    My battery on LR RWD estimated one time as low as 298. Its come back up as high as 320 recently and has sort of settled around 311-316. 41K miles. Used to be concerned, now not so much.
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    Another one? Flagged!
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    Exactly. It goes up and it goes down. It should not cause concern unless at an extreme deviation.
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    I actually got concerned recently, because I've gone from 323 last October, to about 302 miles now, in the span of 6 months. Either my battery decided to degrade all at once, or there is some change to the calculation, or my 325 mile range is gone. I'm going to go with the latter, since it recently came out that Tesla was not allowed to change the EPA rating on the existing fleet, and instead had to name all their current S and X models "Plus" to be able to test them again.
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    Any chance you live in a part of the world where ambient temperature trends down between October and February?
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    I have similar battery degradation. I'm down 14.32% from EPA rating (310 miles). My Long range AWD Performance P3d+ charges to ~270 miles at 100% charge. Took it to service center last week and they agree something is odd (kept it 3 days trying to re-balance the battery with no luck), They checked the fleet and i'm at the bottom 5-10% in terms of degradation. They discharged to 2 % and charged to 100% twice and nothing changed. They are having me charge to 90% every day for the next month and then they'll have me contact them to reassess the pack.

    My charge numbers at 100% on TeslaFi vs other identical cars at similar miles
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    for references. car has 13,255 miles on it. in San Diego so no "winter" temperatures ever. Charge to 80-85% every night since day one. I've supercharged maybe 10 times. Do a full discharge cycles once a quarter (10%-100%) to try and resemblances/calibrate the pack. As you can see, rated miles keep going down.

    Manufactured August 2018.
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