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Automatic windows and sunroof to close upon exit

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It happened a few times when I got back to my vehicle and realized that one of the windows is open. Sometimes a passenger in the back opened their windows without me being aware of it.
Or the sunroof was left slightly open.
So, the sunroof is not such a big deal since one can control it through the phone app. However, the windows are not.
My suggestion to Tesla's engineers is to add a control feature that allows owners to have the choice to shut all windows and sunroof upon exit and also add window controls in the app.
I left my car at an airport for 5 days. When I got back I realized the front passenger side window was half way down. It was probably open by the person seating in the front before we exit and I wasn't aware.
Luckily the car was under roof and no body got in, but it could have been worse.
I'm not sure if there's another avenue to communicate this suggestion with Tesla. If anyone know... please share


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    I think there is a legal reason why you can’t have remote control of the windows. Since you are not at the car, you would be ale to see if someone’s hand or head is sticking out the window as it attempts to close. Granted Tesla and many other cars with auto open/close have built in “pinch” sensors, but not all cars have that.
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    I get your point and it's definitely a valid one. However, if that's the case, the sunroof should fall under the same category. I'm pretty sure that My S has a pinch sensor as well and that should alleviate that concern.
    Thanks for your comment.
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    You can close the windows using the Controls > Vent feature in the mobile app. If the button says Vent, tap it to open the other windows a couple of inches, then the button changes to Close, which will close all the windows.

    To submit a request to Tesla, use
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    A few months ago, a version of the Tesla app with window venting and closing was rolled out to members of the Early Access Program. It may be rolled out to the rest of us “soon”
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    I just tried that. I didn't work for me. The vent button controls just the sun roof.
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    sbMD. I hope you're right. I've been grumbling about this issue for years...
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    I don't remember all the details for those features working or not. Vent windows and Close windows commands are available via the app. You have to be on Software v10.0 at least, I think. Also, if I remember correctly, those commands are available on HW 2.5 and above. The commands seem to work for Model 3, for some Model X but not for Model S. They would be under Controls in the app if you car supports those commands.

    Regoapps' Tesla Remote app also supports those commands if your car is able to. There seemed to be a restriction from Tesla for those commands not working or unavailable for Model S. Link to one article is below...

    I just don't remember all the details, but I know that my Model S on HW 2.0 doesn't support Vent/Close windows.
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    @spineeric: Thanks for the clarification. I see the Vent control for my Model 3 but not for my Model S (HW2.5 upgraded to HW3).
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    FWIW, pressing the top of the key fob on the MS used to lower the windows. The capability appears to be present, and with older hardware. That feature was taken away years ago for unknown reasons.
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    It got replaced with Summon activation, if that counts as a reason.
  • I agree I want to be able to set a default of closing all of the windows on exit or locking. Please can you add this as a setting.
    I can control the windows from the app but to do this I need to know the windows are open.
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    SbMD, I can confirm that, if anyone was interested. My first 2013 S had it in spring '13, but it was removed from the fob by summer of '13. I can't recall the exact wording of the explanation, but there was only about 10,000 of us with cars, so it didn't take long for the explanation to be passed around.
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    I thought venting and closing of the windows only worked on cars without a sunroof. On sunroof cars venting refers only to the sunroof. Am I wrong?
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    No, vent only vents my sunroof.
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    I remember a comment by some moron who while going through a car wash sat on the fob and opened his sunroof and windows. Sometime after that this great feature was removed.
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    I want this too - left my Windows open accidentally and my neighbour told me I'd done so, otherwise would've been open for days.

    I can see why they killed the feature many moons ago, but I had it in my old Audi A4 and afterwards, my A5 and it's an invaluable feature.

    Summon is restricted to only line of sight, or within a few metres, surely they could re-implement it with the restriction that you have to be close to the vehicle.

    Also makes sense if you lock the car that it automatically closes any open Windows - who locks a car with toddlers or children inside and goes off somewhere!? Even so, then do it only if you're within shouting distance of the car.

    I believe my Audi did this after it auto-locked after walking away and forgetting to fob it locked.
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    The fob command that was used to operate the windows is now used to start summon.
    The fob only has 3 buttons.

    Children die every summer when left in a hot car by absent minded parents.
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