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GM battery better than Tesla, so they say ....



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    "The new battery cells, which GM named Ultium, are soft, flat pouches."

    So a version of the current LIPO cells... or the least safe version of a lithium battery I know of.

    Yes you can get really high energy density with those, and low cost. And the media thought the few Tesla fires were big news.
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    At least, GM has now (foolishly IMO) put their cards on the table to enable Battery Day to squash them.

    However remember Tesla's aim includes GM not excludes. It is GM who is drowning and flailing, struggling to breathe while yelling obscenities at their life saver.

    Do you think anyone will ever take up on the patent exchange offer from Elon?
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    There are other signs that they are not really serious and this was just a PR stunt. From accounts by those that were in attendance (Autoline Daily), they were not allowed to take any pictures even though per GM’s claim, they will have these vehicles out in 2 years. Essentially they were concept cars, but and here is my point, car companies always show concept cars at car shows. So it’s not unheard of for a car company to put a concept car on display that isn’t due to be built if at all, a few years down the road. So why can’t anyone take pictures of car that are supposed to be available in just 2 years? Also, it turned out that a number of them were simply clay models.

    When Tesla reveals a car that is 2-3 years away from production, it’s an actual car that people can ride in.
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    EA is a far behind also-ran. Future tense.

    They have very little density: stations with multiple 8+ high speed chargers. Most of what I’ve seen has a single or pair of fast chargers, and that will never work to provide a solution to the perception problem.


    The perception problem outline led above by others and the actual experience people are having with EA are not building confidence for the general public I talk to about owning an EV.

    GM needs to invest multiple millions into building a network and then marketing it. Until I see that, my opinion is that they are fundamentally unserious abut EVs.
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    Toyota and Tesla: STILL eating GM's lunch even though We the People of the US have been subsidizing their bottom line for decades, GIFTING them piles of cash to build production facilities in India and China, in order for Detroit to better pollute foreign lands?!

    Their truck division has STILL not fixed the DRLs burn out syndrome, and they STILL have fluid washer bottle heating elements causing fires. Know why? They don't care, and they have no reward system(s) for performance in engineering/production/development. Wtfh would I want to give them MORE of MY $$$ for?
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    At least Elon paid of his loan in full and ahead of the time.
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    "At least Elon paid of his loan in full and ahead of the time."

    And good thing Tesla got bailed out by the US government but this topic is the LG/GM battery development.
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    I guess we should ignore Fords $7B unpaid loans. And we could pretend that tax credits for individual purchasers are cashed by Tesla.

    And if we are living in this pretend world, we could pretend that FISH wasn’t a ridiculous dipshit troll.
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    " Tesla with $500M life saving loan from Obama admin and $2B in EV subsidies for Tesla alone has arguably had a greater percentage of Federal help than any other US car maker."

    Perhaps, I'm not sure. I DO know GM/GMAC received $80BILLION TARP to build factories in India and China, to continue and WORSEN environmental degradation on ALL levels of land, air, water, AND exploit slave labor!!!

    Ford took ZERO TARP.

    POINT: General Motors is an industrial liar of proportions literally beyond measure, but definitively documented with their own EV1 sabotage. GM has AGAIN provided ZERO transparency of what/where/when/$$$ answers. More fraud, to receive more $$tax payer$$$ funding.
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    Fuck I can't read stupid Fish posts. How can I block his ass?
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    just flag and move on
    never read
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    So I just learned that GM’s claimed 400 rang battery with their “magic” chemistry and branded name is from a 200 kwh pack. Ok, so lets do some basic math. Presently Tesla’s 100 kwh pack gets 390 miles. So split GM’s back in two and that gets you only 200........ Yep, GM is leading the way in battery tech..............
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    GM leading the way in fud.
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    I almost bought a Bolt. The Chevy dealer was offering me $12500 in incentives. Financially it would have been the better choice. I am familiar with the driver assist features in the Bolt from driving a Volt (2nd Gen) for four years. I really liked the 360° "bird's eye" view. But the car is just plain ugly. The interior was ... cozy. Intimate. All right, claustrophobic.

    I liked the Kona and the Niro too, but they weren't dealing.

    The first time I went to the Tesla showroom, I sat down in the 3 and said, "WTF?" Yes, literally, out loud. No dashboard? I'm out!

    After a few more days of vacillation, I went back to the Tesla showroom and drove the car. Sold.

    Battery tech? Lovely. GM, Ford, Porsche and all of the others can promise whatever they want. Tesla has all of that today. You can buy it now. I did. I'm happy.

    Charging? 90% of my driving needs are satisfied by charging at home. Superchargers are all over Southern California. No worries.

    What everyone else is promising, Tesla is shipping right now.

    Everyone is looking for the automotive industry to "VHS" Tesla's "Betamax". The window of opportunity to do that has closed. Add one investment analyst said, "Tesla is reaching escape velocity".

    Every news item that a legacy car maker generates about "we're going to make 《something》" inevitably draws the comparison to Tesla, which is already here. It's free advertising for Tesla.

    Mary Barra is singing the right notes for EVs. Maybe GM will be a competitor going forward. Competition is good. Toyota and Honda have missed their opportunities entirely and are stuck on hybrid. Hyundai's CEO has flat-out stated that EVs are "compliance cars" and they're not serious about them. So glad I didn't get that electric Kona.

    But keep on promising the future while it's shipping from Fremont and you'll keep seeing Teslas on the road with paper plates.
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    "I DO know GM/GMAC received $80BILLION TARP to build factories in India and China, to continue and WORSEN environmental degradation on ALL levels of land, air, water, AND exploit slave labor!!!"

    It was $51B to GM cars, all paid back in stock. It was a good thing to do since the GOP government caused the Great Recession failing to regulate Wall St and the banks. Tesla's $500M to start building Model S was in 2009 still in the recession. Relative to company size, Tesla received 10 times the government subsidy. Again a good thing to do but the fanbois forget.

    And now back to the new LG/GM battery that seems to have some good tech features and a step up in EV battery evolution.
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    In addition to the GM Hummer referenced above, GM is going to be competing with Ford's F-150E due out in late 2021, early 2022. The pickups will need the 100kWh batteries.
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    As usual Sarah sings the truth the way it is. While Fish and Buck live in la la Land
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    GM says a lot of things.
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    Interesting that GM's virtual battery is so much better than real batteries available today from Tesla. I wish them luck! Maybe it will be as good as the virtual cars they are promoting "for the future". Would it be too much to ask about delivering some reality you can actually buy or for GM to be competitive today?
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    To GM: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Mary Barra should drive one in the streets of LA. And we'll forgive her if she drive over several traffic cones.
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    Cybertruckee +1. From several accounts, GM had just a bunch of clay models on display. No functioning cars and yet they are supposed to be coming out with these vehicles with in 3 years. Every car Tesla reveals is a functioning car, despite still being 2-3 away from actually going into production. As a matter of fact, you can search You Tube for video of the original Model S being driven, when it had a completely different interior.
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