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Formerly a SolarCity customer and can't access the Billing Portal on

Does the "Billing Portal" link on work for anyone originally with SolarCity? I followed the directions to move my account over to but have never been able to becasue it always redirects to where it tells me to go back to!

To see your account balance or to make monthly payments, visit your Billing Portal.

I have heard others originally with SolarCity are having this problem. I cannot see what I am being charged for so I am not feeling obligated to pay!


  • I was just on today:

    Was able to login and look at all my statements.

    Good luck!
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    The Billing Portal link on has been missing for me for at least the last 2 and a half weeks. I've sent 2 support requests and nothing has changed.

    A workaround that I discovered:
    Try and see if you can login and view and pay your bill that way.
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    I have had the same issue as cwclifford since last summer. Various communications with Tesla have not resolved the issue. I received these responses from customer support in March 2020, similar to responses last year:
    "I am sorry you are continuing to have issues accessing your billing portal. We are attempting to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and will be sure to advise you of any updates we receive." and "However, at this time there is no ETA as to when this will be resolved."
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    I am also a former Solar City customer. I can see my account on , what I cannot see is how much energy I am producing. If it is available on that website, I can't find it. Anyone help?
    I have sent 3 emails to CS, but never a response other than the automated one which tells me someone will be in touch with in 48 hours.
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    @shadow187. had problems this month logging in but your link worked. Great! As stevepitt2 stated, would like to see energy produced
  • I am having the same issue with the billing portal. Honestly I think they are doing this on purpose because I won't let them do an ach transfer ever month. I have good reason not to let Tesla or any other company access my banking info I have had numerous bad experiences causing me to be overdrawn because a company decides to take the funds early like if there is a holiday or payment due falls on a weekend. Therefore I will not give any one access to my banking accounts there is no law stating that we have to do that. So i choose to pay a few dollars extra to pay online. For two weeks now i have been trying to pay my bill and i will not have late charges added on because of th the lack of concern for there customers. So not sure what I will do except call them in the morning .
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    Having same issues as everyone else with billing portal. I have Autopay/ACH set up, but would like to be able to check payment due as i try to figure out other bills. found link supplied by @shadow187 to work in my case.
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    Am having the same problem as others - have tried all the links without success. Would be extremely helpful to get an email notification with the expected amount due.
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    I can'y access my account nor can I get my monthly statements.
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    I am having all the same issues. VERY frustrating ti nor be able to see what amount will be withdrawn from your bank account!!
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    I am having all the same issues. VERY frustrating ti nor be able to see what amount will be withdrawn from your bank account!!
  • I have had nothing but issues with this company for the whole time the have owned solar city, disturbing that the can make a self driving car but they cannot/will not get thier billing portal straightened out!! I cannot get through again to update my card..................
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