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0 support from Tesla.. what do I do?

Hi folks,

I'm still having problems with my Tesla solar setup. Tesla seems to just ignore emails sent from their web portal. There's no phone number to call, they don't reply on Twitter and I posted a question here previously, which it's now impossible to find because there's no way to look up your previous posts, but which had 0 responses when I last checked.

Has anyone had any success in getting anyone from Tesla to speak to them when things aren't working? I'm reluctant to go get a lawyer (for all the obvious reasons) but I've never experienced a company with absolutely zero channel to support products they sell that don't work and not sure what the next step is.

Would appreciate any help/guidance.


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    I can't even get a response for trying to buy a system. And reading other posts on here makes me think that it might be a blessing in disguise.
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    I have no trouble reaching them by phone.I have a leased system.
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    Sorry @jason didn't mean to rub it in, but to those who are now considering a solar system check the review site before you make a decision. 360 reviews, 1.53 star out of 5.

    A few months into owning my Model 3, my Tesla rep emailed me to see if I was interested in going solar. I definitely was and would've loved to stay with Tesla for the system. After speaking with their sales agent it was immediately apparent to me to stay away, and this was before seeing reviews. I went with a local installer and couldn't be more pleased, 4.8 from 100 reviews.
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    I've had stellar customer support by telephone. Google is your friend.
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    Jason - the Tesla Energy support number is (877) 961-7652.

    They have answered every time I called them and provided good remote support on the phone. Don't have any experience with their onsite service as we bought our system from a certified dealer.
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    I always dealt with my sales rep with great results.
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    I have a subscription 7.5kW system installed Dec 31st and on-line as of Jan 6th. I have had a few issues and inititally contacted via email, both my PM from the install and energysupport email address. One issue, no powerblaster, was handled by my PM and the others went to support. After a month with nothing more than an autoreply I got a response that answered some of my questions.

    One day in early Feb, I noticed a beeping sound from the inverter which was stuck in night mode. I called rather than email and got on the line immediately with a knowledgable tech who had me reset the system, to no avail. They said someone would have to come out and that a scheduler would call in the next 72 business hours. Scheduling called me 2 days later and a tech arrive a week after the issue, which thankfully resolved itself. The tech documented the issues and said if it happened again they would put in a new inverter.

    I called again to follow up on the remaining unresolved non-critical install issues, was put on the schedule and everything was taken care of yesterday.

    I have to say I was very scared reading forum posts that post-install support was non-existent, but have been very pleased with response times and level of service for a system that I've only paid $130 for so far.

    Lesson learned. Call don't email. They are still ramping up post-install and specially email based support.
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    Have had a Solar Roof system from Solar City/Tesla since 2014. No problem contacting them until they took down their solar power system monitoring system in August 2019. Now can't reach by chat, email or phone. Want to get back a online solar monitoring system, get a new system installed on another home and want to transfer my current system to the buyer. Can't get a response. Those that say you have no problem contacting them by phone, can you share a contact number???
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    p 888.765.2489 | e [email protected]
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    They answer the phone, it is getting somebody to fix the problem is the issue. Not enough maintenance and logistics technicians.
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