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Panels went up today!

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Woop! Looking forward to sunshine power. Grid connection is who knows how long (Portland, Oregon). It's a nice feeling having all that power generating capacity just sitting there though. It'll be even better when I can actually tap that power!


  • Keep on top of Tesla. My panels were installed over three weeks ago, town inspection the very next day. I called my electric company to check on the meter swap and Tesla never even notified them the panels were installed. They dropped the ball. Said my energy adviser was let go and my account was never reassigned. I was told that lots of people were let go.
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    My solar roof activated earlier this month I was expecting 3 weeks for PG&E (utility) approval and was surprised it took less than a week. Turned it on once we got approval. Not sure if all states/utilities have the same requirements, but here we have to have PG&E bless the system before turn on.

    It's going to be messy for those systems going in now. With Covid-19, many parts of the system may be delayed, including Tesla's parts, work, permitting, inspections, utility approvals and so forth. Hopefully, those in the process will not encounter too many delays. It may also depend a great deal on where you are located. Note that the Tesla NY factory has shut down, so if your roof/panels/Powerwalls are not already made and shipped, there is nothing that can be done right now.
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    As far as I know, *all* solar installations need the blessing of the local electrical utility. I ignored Solar City's sizing algorithm, and told them I wanted 5kW, based on my own calculations. They agreed, with the caveat that the utility might squawk. The utility wants to look at your historical yearly power usage, and will often disallow systems that are projected to produce greater than 110% of said yearly usage. SCE initially rejected PTO for my (already installed at that point) 5kW DC system. They did this, based on my *tenant's* usage before we remodeled and moved in. I had to sign an affidavit, promising that we would indeed consume more than the projected production on a yearly basis. No problemo, given that we have two EVs. My offset has come in at about 90%, which is just where I wanted it.
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