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Under 4 hour HW3 retrofit, better driving experience, some surprising visualizations and other impro

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2018 June build LR RWD, VIN 26,XXX
The appointment for today (3/19/2020) requested through the app along with two other minor services.
SC took 4 1/2 hours for all service items, so something less than 4 hours for HW3 retrofit.

Driving experience:
As soon as I started pulling away from the SC, I immediately noticed a difference. There was a “certainty“ to the feel, it felt weighty or maybe “assured” is a better description. But definitely felt a handling difference just driving it. Also, AP and NoAP activated right away on the road as I pulled away (no calibration period that I performed, and didn’t notice a significant change in the odometer on pickup. Calibration done without driving? Seems so.) AP/NoAP more centered and confident in lane changes and curves. Smack dab centered.

Profiles, Mostly transferred, a couple didn’t:
So virtually all profiles, settings transferred over, including odometer cards, Tune In and FM radio stations, and all Slacker favorites. This was a relief because I walked out forgetting to ask them about this. Nice to see that they took care of this and thAt it worked. Only thing to redo was home WiFi, phone as key/Bluetooth, and a couple settings (turn on fsd visualization, redo 2 of 4 Nav on AP toggles...that was random.) All other toggles remained throughout all menus and sub menus.

Some unique things I didn’t expect in the new Visualization:
1. When you drive underneath traffic lights the movement is rendered perfectly in the visualization, passing over your avatar car. Slick.

2. Effectively at night, flashing turn signals appear and disappear on the screen. I guess cameras at night see the light brightness over the physical light housing. The new “dancing cars”?
; )

3. When I drive by construction barrels, at highway speed they render as smaller cones, barrels at slower speed. Update: the construction barrels show as cones at any speed. What did I originally see at slow speed? I believe it was an object by the barrel that rendered as a garbage can, thought it was the barrel. As others have noted, cones and cans subbing for many roadside objects.

4. Physical position, angles, and number of traffic lights, stop signs, cones and garbage cans render exactly in space on screen.
Example: One intersection had 4 traffic signals, and three cones on a median-all tendered with accurate count. The left traffic light was lower than the next two, and the fourth one was on a pole slightly ahead of the others. All rendered spatially accurate. When left one went turn signal green with others red, colors changed on screen in real time. Again, slick.

Retrofit Prep/Checklist:
I used this helpful link:

Real happy to get the retrofit done and out of the way. Now ready for Nav on AP on city streets. That will be something!


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    Sounds like something to look forwards to. Would really like auto stop at stoplight.
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    Me too. That’s coming when they release Nav on AP for city streets.
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    Excellent! Thanks for your detailed description.
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    @ sbeggs, you bet. Do you have it? Waiting for it?
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    No, have 2014 Model S85 without autopilot.

    Just recognizing how valuable your report is for those waiting for the upgrade.
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    Awesome news. Thanks for info.
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    We have a MS and M3 with FSD waiting patiently. Don't mind the wait as the cars are amazing already but it is something to look forward to.
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    They are getting really good at the upgrades. Our second Model 3 this morning took 2 hours and 10 minutes!
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    @ sbeggs, gotcha, you’ll love it!
    @ Mike83, that’s true, these cars are amazing, and they get better over time… Something my non-tesla owner friends marvel at, & something we get to enjoy month to month!
    @ TexasBob, agree, they are doing really well with these retrofits, including saving profiles and data, really impressed 2 hours wow that’s the quickest turnaround I’ve seen posted anywhere yet! Excellent!
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    I had my HW3 done a couple of weeks ago. My LTE now does not stay connected. They did a power down on the car to try and fix it but did not work. Has anyone heard of this issue happening to anyone else. They're going to keep it for a few days next week to try and fix. Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this. Thanks!
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    Reboot, and sometimes let things sit for a day:
    Forgot to mention that before I pulled out of the SC I also performed the two button soft reboot, and all was well. Might be helpful to know that some have mentioned a soft reboot didn’t seem to fix some wonky toggles in some of the sub menus, but after a period of time, the car seem to settle into proper settings for some reason. That wasn’t my experience, I just mention it because it has been for others.

    Game updates:
    When I connected to my home Wi-Fi, I noticed that under the software menu, there was a green line moving to indicate games downloading updates. I haven’t checked any of the games yet to see what has improved.

    Can new computer improve handling, “road feel”?
    Took the car out last night for a final drive before bedding down, and to my original post, the car felt really good on the road. I asked one of my buddies who is a 40+ year exec/engineer for a major international software company if changing the computer hardware in the car could affect something like that and he replied “Yes, maybe that’s true. It can ascertain what’s going on and react well. Wouldn’t surprise me. That’s likely an AI capability. The faster processing may point to that.” Sounds good to me!
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    @ lordmiller, when I pulled into my garage, before I reconnected/reset up my Wi-Fi connection to the car, I noticed the LTE signal was suddenly crossed and grayed out. However after I connected to home Wi-Fi, then drove away later that evening out of Wi-Fi range, the LTE signal came back on full bars.
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    Bummer, mine is grayed out most of the time now. Oh well they will sort it out next week, if they're open!
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    They’ve done a good job in SCs of maintaining social distancing and wearing a fresh pair of disposable gloves with every interaction with every customer, so it looks like they’re trying to stay open.
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    Sounds excellent. I read that Tesla will OTA connect new owners with their cars with all stuff inside the car putting the cars at their home. Talk about safety, people will get their cars.
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    My experience yesterday at the Devon PA SC was exactly the same as M3phan's. They provided me with a (older) Model S for the day. The service was excellent. I loved the fact that you can track the service on the app. Great job Tesla.

    I had a 200 mile road trip today and the FSD worked great. I actually liked the option to ask for lane changing. That may have not changed (as I had the other option previously selected) but I liked the reminder to change lanes but it not doing it on its own. Using the turn signals worked great and I never needed to nudge the steering wheel for the change.

    Still grinning .... bigger than ever ....
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    @ PhillyBob, agree on tracking service via app. That’s a nice feature. Included estimated completion time that updates. Helps with planning your day.
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    I haven't noticed any difference in driving.
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    flagging BS posts keeps the thread uninterrupted.

    Back to topic. I am hoping Tesla can do both our cars MS and M3 at one time. I also like the App upgrade for specifics like body work, software, and other stuff. This channels to the correct service center for fast response or mobile service.
    Very cool and fast compared to having to talk to a rep
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    that is what I am feeling too. Nothing has changed in actual driving. There is the carnival picture show that means absolutely nothing.
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    @ Mike83, great point.

    Amended my op, the construction barrels show as cones at any speed. I had mentioned at slower speeds they show as barrels. Nope. Not today. What did I originally see at slow speed? I believe it was an object by the barrel that rendered as a garbage can, thought it was the barrel. As others have noted, cones and cans subbing for many roadside objects.
  • Since I did the upgrade I am encountering frequent, unexplainable chimes. Very annoying. Anybody else?
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    When do they occur
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    Turn off speed chime
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    No driving differences either. Took several hour of driving to recalibrate. I see cones popping up but often they are not cones. That’s about it for any visualizations. TACC and AP are not any different than prior to HW3. Looking to the future.
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